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Philosophy be like

This sandbox is made for Zed's entertainment only, and is not meant to be taken accurately

This is combined on multiple factors, such as power, prestige and influence on MicroWiki.


PS[a] Position Platform Current holder(s) Category Remarks
1 Site owner[b] MWlogoWithoutWordmark.png MicroWiki Jonathan I of Austenasia MicroWiki
2 Wiki and MicroWiki@Discord administrators MWlogoWithoutWordmark.png MicroWiki Karl Friedrich/Luxor
Cameron I of Ikonia
Adam I of Adammia
Zed/Zarel Smith
Sebastian Linden
2 Tech administrator MWlogoWithoutWordmark.png MicroWiki Sebastian Linden
Karl Friedrich/Luxor
Andrew Creed
Cameron I of Ikonia
3 Wiki administrator MWlogoWithoutWordmark.png MicroWiki Adam I of Adammia
Ives Blackwood
Zed/Zarel Smith
Charles Ross
Joseph Kennedy
3 Administrator MWlogoWithoutWordmark.png MicroWiki@Discord Jonathan I of Austenasia
Karl Friedrich/Luxor
Aaron Green
Andrew Creed
Adam I of Adammia
Cameron I of Ikonia
Sebastian Linden
Newton von Uberquie
Zed/Zarel Smith
Brayden "Lee" Eaves
Eryn Lewis
4 Chair Logo of the Grand Unified Micronational.svg Newton von Uberquie IGO
4 Jr. Administrator (Trial administrator) MWlogoWithoutWordmark.png MicroWiki@Discord None MicroWiki
4 Supreme Justice Logo of the Grand Unified Micronational.svg Bradley of Dullahan IGO
5 Associate Justice Logo of the Grand Unified Micronational.svg Jonathan I of Austenasia
Henry Clémens
5 Vice-Chair Logo of the Grand Unified Micronational.svg Matthew IGO
5 Secretaries Logo of the Grand Unified Micronational.svg Austin Jaax (Public Relations and Press)
Archie Birch (Statistical Research)
Terry I of Essexia (Events & Summits)
Alexander I of Lytera (Diplomacy & Recruitment)
Adam I of Adammia (Micronational Development)
James Frisch (GUM Archivist)
Cedar of Sonderan (Safeguarding and Welfare Officer)
6 Patroller MWlogoWithoutWordmark.png MicroWiki Tomáš Falešník
Christina I of Cycoldia
Jayden Lycon
6 Supreme Judge Abelden Nation
6 President The MOF Logo.png MOF Nicolás Millán IGO
6 Chair of the Board Cupertinologo2.svg CUP Jayden Lycon IGO
6 Superior Judge Cupertinologo2.svg CUP Zed/Zarel Smith IGO
7 Vorsitzender Abelden Patrick Renwick Nation
7 Vice-Presidents The MOF Logo.png MOF Austin Jaax (Executive)
Zed/Zarel Smith (Sanctioned Events)
Matthew Salzer (Athletic Event)
7 Ministers Cupertinologo2.svg CUP Pun Watta (Asian Affairs)
Matthew Xia (Agreements and Development)
William Efton (Membership Attainment)
Cole Baird (Environment and Geographical Information)
Luke Warren (Public Relations)
Logan Ross (Microwiki Affairs)
Sertor Valentinus (Europe and Asia)
7 Associate Justices Abelden Nation
8 First Minister Essexia Sam H Nation
8 Prime Minister Adammia Charles Michael Nation
8 Sakom Misberia Archie Birch Nation
8 Pub-coops Micropolitan@Discord Jonathan I of Austenasia
Eryn Lewis
Thomas Bainbridge
Joseph Kennedy
Jacob Valentine
8 Prime Minister Austenasia John Gordon Nation
9 Witapal Misberia Nation
9 Owner TOES server photo.png TOES Leon Montan Club
9 Admins (server) Logo of the Grand Unified Micronational.svg Newton von Uberquie
Adam I of Adammia
Cameron I of Ikonia
9 Administrator (MicroWiki forums) MicroWiki Forums MicroWiki
10 Commissioners The MOF Logo.png MOF Tomáš Falešník (Advertisement)
Nicolás Millán (Cy-lete)
Adam Pivetz (Event)
Matthew Salzer (Legal)
Gracie Konn (Title)
10 Lobby moderators (server) Logo of the Grand Unified Micronational.svg Zed/Zarel Smith
Nicholas Randouler
Alexander I of Lytera
Thomas Bainbrdige
  1. Power score
  2. This also makes him an admin on MicroWiki@Dsicord


  • 26 Sep: It has been reassured that the Superior Judge of the Cupertino Alliance (CUP) holds the same power as the Chair of the CUP[citation needed], even if it is not necessary as largely exercised, thus bringing the Superior Judge up one score. 7 > 6.
  • 17 Sep: Following the departure of Corvin from the server "MicroDemocracy", it has become plagued with inactivity and lesser influence; thus, this has lead to the removal of its 'Representatives' from the chart.

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