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A sector, sometimes spelled with a capitalised first letter, is a group, or community of micronations which share a common bond; either a geographic region, close political ties, or similar culture, history or ancestral micronation, or a combination of factors. Sectors may be formally established or develop overtime. Isolated sectors may develop unique cultures, beliefs, philosophy, political ties and customs, and hierarchies.

Geographic sectors are most common, and can be macronational, such as the Czech sector, Indonesian sector or Greek sector, based on regions or cities, such as the London Sector, Houston sector or New England Sector, or even larger, such as the Western Canada sector or African sector. Other sectors may share similar languages or culture, like the Lusophone sector or Dutch Sector, while others are solely political, such as the TOES Sector, or various sectors which revolve around a single intermicronational organisation, like the large communities in the Grand Unified Micronational, Cupertino Alliance and the former Konmalehth. Although highly discouraged, geofictional sectors exist too, commonly the Apollo Sector and Micras Sector.

A number of other online communities based on social medias or wikis are broadly referred to as sectors, such as Twitter, Discord, Reddit or the largest the MicroWiki Sector, which describes micronations who have formed an independent, largely self-contained micronational community on MicroWiki by using the wiki, its forums or Discord server as their primary platform for diplomatic contact and sharing information. A subsector is a sector within a sector, i.e. the Stradan sector is a subsector of the Indonesian sector.

History and significance

Early uses

The term was first used in 1996 by Ünie when the term African sector was used to describe micronations primarily located in Southern Africa. The term "sector" was a shortening of the one-worded "geosector" (geosektor in Afrikaans), and was used almost interchangeably amongst it.

The origin of the term "Sector" in its current meaning is unknown, however supposedly it began with the advent of the Apollo Sector and the efforts of the Apollo Foundation to preserve the history of Apollo nations around 2000 or 2001. The definition of the term began to expand, when at various points different micronations (and the micronationalists involved) began to use the term for political purposes to spread the influence of their micronations and the micronations involved. Similarly around the time, the Lusophone sector had huge activity through e-mail and early messaging softwares, and began to develop huge cultural and diplomatic isolationism, and simulationism, something which the sector is still highly categorised for today.

Modern developments

By 2005, the definition had developed to include geographic, common languages, common history and culture and "[...] common fantasy element for interaction" amongst the already accepted definitions. This is also around the time it stopped being spelt exclusively with a capital first letter. The term sector had still been under much debate from the community on its meaning; one micronationalist argued that sector did not need a definition, saying "Thus all a sector is dependent on is the definition of that particular sector, thus giving the definition of any particular sector autonomy from the definition of any other sector."

After 2006, the MicroWikia Sector began to develop, as did various other isolated geographic sectors. In 2009, the organised and well defined Czech sector was established, which had its own Czech-language MicroWiki created in 2012. MicroWikia began to loose its sector influence in November 2010, when MicroWiki moved to a private server. The Valtir Sector, Indonesian sector and Spokane Sector were all formally founded in 2011. MicroWikia had a schismatic revival of the site between April 2012 and October 2018, when a a break-away group from MicroWiki established itself on MicroWikia, claiming to be the "true" community due to its use of the original website. On 31 October 2018, Jonathan I of Austenasia persuaded the community to officially change its name to MicroNations Fandom, formally renouncing its claim to be the "true MicroWiki".

Various other wikis have been created as sectors, some advertising themselves as "alternatives" to the MicroWiki Sector; such as TalossaWiki in 2012, Micronationals Wiki in 2014 and Encyclopedia Westarctica and the former The Konmalehth Libraries in 2018, and Universal Encyclopedia of Micronationalism and TOES Wiki in 2020.

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