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The political career of Zed, real name Zarel Smith, has been seen in numerous micronations, subdivisions and intermicronational organisations. Smith has taken on federal, judicial, ministerial, public sector and local work, running in numerous elections or by being directly appointed.

Smith, a populist, has been politically involved in

Green Gate (Austenasia), Ponderosa Hills Essexia, Somcow, Abelden, Oceania, Nievenorte (Posaf) Naveria Mahuset Aspen Empire and the later Kingdom of Appalachia, Hala'ib Triangle, Caddia, Mercia, Ünie, Yu-Xia and Misberia

Spanning more than two years, his party memberships heads from far-left to far-right positions, as well as satirical.

In New Eiffel, Smith led the centre-left Socialist Scandinavian Party from September 2018—21 May 2019, leaving to create his own party the Christian Conservative Party, which he later disestablished on 9 September 2019.

Smith currently leads the Social Democratic Party of Mahuset, and was formerly a member of Communist Party of Ünie

Conservative Party of Posaf, the Abeldane National Union and the Protestant Reformist Party of Ünie.

The satirical "Shrek Super Party" branches the Shrek Super Party of Essexia, Shrek Super Party of Caddia, and the Canadian Isabelle - Shrek Super Party of Ponderosa Hills.

Outside of micronationalism, Smith holds

Micronational political career

Smith holds citizenship (including honorary) in New Eiffel,[1] Abelden, Austenasia, Caddia, Essexia, Naveria,[2] Mahuset, Misberia, Ponderosa Hills, Posaf, Ünie, Yu-Xia and various others.[3]

Elections involving Zarel
Election Date Party Result
New Eiffel general election, 2018 15–25 December Socialist Scandinavian Party Lost, party gained 4 seats
Abeldane by-election, November 2019 14–16 November Populares Elected for the 11th seat
Abeldane federal election, December 2019 27–28 December Populares Held seat
Nievenorte, Posaf local election, January 2020 2–12 January Conservative Party Elected member of the council
2020 New Eiffel mayoral elections 29 February–2 March Independent Elections cancelled
Essexian general election, March 2020 1–3 March Shrek Super Party of Essexia[4] Lost, party gained 1 seat
Nievenorte general election, May 2020 3–12 May Conservative Party Elected Premier
Ponderosan Hills general election, May 2020 6–7 May Canadian Isabelle - Shrek Super Party Gained hung parliament seat[5][a]
Grand Unified Micronational election, June 2020 24 June—1 July n/a; running mate of Jayden Lycon Lost
Abeldane federal election, June 2020 27–29 June Abeldane National Union Lost seat
Abeldane federal election, July 2020 28–30 July Abeldane National Union Elected for the 12th seat[7]
Ponderosan Hills general election, August 2020 7-9 August Canadian Isabelle - Shrek Super Party Held seat[8]

New Eiffel

Aside from his reign, Smith has been serving as the de facto Ministry of Transportation since early 2018, made official on 12 February 2019.[9] Smith was the prime minister candidate and leader of the Socialist Scandinavian Party from September 2018 until December 2019, than later briefly became a member of the Conservative Party, however after being demoted decided to leave the party and act neutral in New Eiffelic politics. A new act was later passed detailing that the Prince of New Eiffel could not run in general elections. Smith planned to run as an independent in the March 2020 mayoral elections, however the elections never took place. After Smith abdication on 20 June, he announced he may consider joining politics again.


File:Abelden Smith Nov 2019 election poster.png
A poster for Smith's November 2019 by-election for the eleventh seat in Abelden. Courtesy Nicholas Randouler.
A notable campaign poster used in the 2020 Essexian general election for the satirical Shrek Super Party[10]

Smith is a member of the Abeldane National Union and has ran for it in every election. Smith won the by-election for the newly created called eleventh seat for the Reichsversammlung. It was creates by the than-Emperor, Newton, to increase the size of the Empire's legislature. It was the closest electoral victory in a by-election running for the Abeldane National Union, winning the by-election by two votes, having received 18 votes, against his opponent, Chase Nanatovich of Social Ecology, who received 16 votes, narrowly winning the seat with 52.9% of the vote on the third count.[11] Smith held his seat in the 2019 federal election.[12] On 9 March, Smith became the Minister of Orthography for Morgannwg. On 1 April, Smith became the Attorney General for the Sixth Renwick Cabinet in Abelden.[13] On 29 June, Smith lost his seat to Brandon Wu of Liberty Front.[14] But 1 month later, regained it as part of a new seat.


Smith founded the Shrek Super Party, a satirical populist big-tent party, which praises Shrek, gained one seat in the 2020 general election which was held between 1-3 March, and Smith became the Minister of Culture. Smith founded the party on 14 February 2020, making it one of his Shrek Super Party parties, not expecting to win any votes. Smith self-declared it as an "anti-government, anti-communist, pro-LGBT rights, anti-austerity, pro-socialism, pro-unionist" political party. On the 16–17 February, the party released a series of campaign and promotional materials that were met with high praise in Essexia; they contained manifesto promises which appealed to many of the younger Essexian demographic, such as 'If the Shrek Super Party wins Zarel Smith with read the entire Shrek script and sing All Star.' Similarly, the release of their official campaign video was met with high critical acclaim, with one viewing on the Instagram describing it as the "greatest piece of both Essexian cinematography and propaganda." The party received 13 votes, which equated to around 8% of the total vote share. As per Essexian electoral law, this entitled them to one seat in the Parliament of Essexia. Smith was thus made a Lord of Essexia, becoming known also as Lord Zarel of Essexia, though he uses the title Lord Shrek of Essexia, and he became the Minister of Culture, a position which is widely regarded as being a perfect platform for the implementation of his ideas within the Cabinet of Essexia.[15][4] Smith was later involved in the Snakey Saturday scandal.


Smith is a member of the Conservative Party and has ran for it in every election. On 16 January, the province of Nievenorte had its first local elections for a small council, the first time a Friends administrative region has done this, and Smith of the Conservatives were one of the two elected. Smith was than elected the Premier of Nievenorte in the May 2020 election, winning with 7 votes, or 24.13%.

Ponderosa Hills

Smith created a Ponderosan Shrek Super Party, which later merged into the Canadian Isabelle Party to form the Canadian Isabelle - Shrek Super Party in order to receive more votes.[16] It gained four seats in the May 2020 general election.[5]


Smith became a non-residential subject of the Empire of Austenasia after founding the Austenasian Territory of Green Gate on 14 March 2019, which he administers as its Governor as Lord Zarel Smith, Baron of Green Gate.[17]


Smith was made a Wenuhc Mihkuluwemal on 1 August 2020.


Smith is the leader of the Social Democratic Party in Mahuset, claiming the position after noticing its vacancy.[18] Smith also registered a further two former Shrek Super Parties, one in Misberia and Caddia.

New Eiffel


Smith was responsible for most of New Eiffel's diplomatic relations. Smith first contacted President Baugh of Molossia around early August 2018, than contacted President Austin Jaax requesting to have mutual relations with the Republic of Iustus (modern day Empire of Iustus) on 28 September, however this request was denied. Iustus and New Eiffel instead became informal friends. The 2019 incarnation of the OAM was a huge step in New Eiffelic diplomacy. Smith served as the Ikonian Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 6 August 2019–17 May 2020, and currently serves as the Baustralian Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Chief Ambassador to the United Kingdom for Misberia, serving since 4 August 2019 and 14 July 2020 respectively. Smith formally founded the TOES Sector on 21 May 2020,[19] having signed a diplomatic treaty with various nations in the sector, including Aenderia[20] and Wegmat.

Legal work

Having little to no experience, Smith began his legal career by becoming the Superior Judge in the Cupertino Alliance on 25 March 2020, and became involved in Kyexit between 18–22 April, which was peacefully resolved. Smith also became a Notary General for the CUP and became the Attorney General for the Sixth Renwick Cabinet in Abelden on 1 April. On 29 June, Smith lost his seat to Brandon Wu of Liberty Front, and thus lost his position as Attorney General. Smith later became a Supreme Judge in the Principality of Oceania on 27 May, being involved in multiple cases.

Shrek Super Party


Ponderosa Hills

Abelden (June 2019–September 2020)

Posaf (November 2019–October 2020)

Intermicronational organisations

Grand Unified Micronational

Cupertino Alliance

Micronational Olympic Federation

Other work

Other work

Electoral history


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