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User:Z Luna Skye/NewUserpage

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44,650 edits  • 646 uploads  • 1,295 articles  • 200 moves  • 5 GAs
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My Userboxes
Zed in August 2020, upscaledCroped.jpg
Signature of Zed.png

Zed - the dude who spent 1,679 hours on MicroWiki in 2020

Statistician, filmmaker, journalist, first CEO of Statistic-Dime

(Diagnosed MicroWikiholic)

Former MicroWiki administrator (Feb 2020–Jan 2021)

Currently: Online [a]
It is 00:55 on a Thursday. (UTC) – update

Edit, edit, edit! – my magnum opus
My name is Zed, I have been an enthusiastic editor since I first registered this account on 27 September 2018. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me on my talk page! I am a self-proclaimed proficient editor of this site, and I specifically take care of most of the non-tech related maintenance work; I mostly make minor edits, such as improving punctuation, fixing typos, correcting poor grammar, creating redirects and wanted categories, adding categories, creating disambiguation pages, adding templates and repairing broken links. However, I also love creating very lengthly articles on various different topics as well, five of which have achieved "good article" status–articles which are determined by MicroWiki's editors as the best articles on the site. I also never provide an edit summary, and annoy the other admins. Also check out my funny sequel, Z. Luna Skye 2, and my currently dormant bot ZedBot.

DiscordIcon.png ★Zeddy★#5761 (538148951614816256)

Remember; everybody makes mistakes from time to time! Be patient, learn to forgive and forget, and learn how you can improve!! <3
Thank you all!


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If life has no point, sharpen it.

— Unknown

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My ultimate goal: 42,069 edits (maybe by June 2021)89.1% complete
  1. (I may forget to change this, apologies)