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Release Album Songs Genre Label As
20 October 2018 DJ Zeddy Dubstep
DJ Zeddy Independent Recordings, Inc
Zmusic Records
DJ Zeddy
9 February 2019 F0rtn1te DumpST3R - vol 1. song covers 7 Zmusic Records F0rtn1te DumpST3R
1 January 2020 ! EDM
Zmusic Records DJ Zeddy
1 June 2020 1st of June 2020 Experimental Zmusic Records DJ Zeddy
19 March 2021 Demonic Sentencing Noise Dead+Beat Malum the Plague Bringer
8 April 2021 Fan Noise Dead+Beat
Luna Music Distribution
Malum the Plague Bringer

Compilation albums

Release Album Songs Label As
6 November 2020 Best of DJ Zeddy 10 Zmusic Records DJ Zeddy