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User:Z Luna Skye/Ded

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44,650 edits  • 646 uploads  • 1,295 articles  • 200 moves  • 5 GAs


Z Luna Skye
— MicroWikian —
NameZeddy, Zed or Luna
Preferred pronounAny (they, he, she)
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
HobbiesEditing MicroWiki
MoviesAnime, film noir, neo-noir, psychological thrillers, erotic thrillers, surrealism
ShowsHelluva Boss (2020–present)
BooksA Christmas Carol (1843), Challenger Deep (2015)
Account statistics
Joined27 September 2018
First editThe Principality of New Eiffel

My name is Z Luna Skye, a diagnosed MicroWikiholic. I am a self-proclaimed proficient editor of this site, having been a regular and enthusiastic editor since I first registered this account on 27 September 2018; though, in recent times I have not edited as much as I should. If you have any questions or need wiki help, do not hesitate to ask me on my talk page! Scroll down to the way bottom of this page for a timeline of notable stuff I have done/been involved in...

Former MicroWiki administrator (Feb 2020–Jan 2021)

Currently: Offline [a]
It is 00:25 on a Thursday. (UTC) – update
Total online time: 4,268 hours (177.8 days)[b]

This userpage was the sixth most visited page on MicroWiki in 2019 with a combined total of 11,236 views! (and yes, 99% of those were from me)

What I do

My Userboxes

I specifically take care of most of the non-tech related maintenance work; I mostly make minor edits, such as improving punctuation, fixing typos, correcting poor grammar, creating redirects and wanted categories, adding, creating and fixing categories, creating disambiguation pages, adding templates and repairing broken links. However, I also love copyediting articles for those who ask and creating very lengthly articles on various different topics as well, five of which have since achieved "good article" status–articles which are determined by MicroWiki's editors as the best articles on the site, including my personal magnum opus. I also never provide an edit summary and annoy the other admins x3 - Also check out my funny sequel, Z. Luna Skye 2, and my currently dormant bot ZedBot.

Thank you all!

Who am I?

Nobody important - just a dedicated wiki editor. (check out my "Some stuff about me" userboxes). Throughout my years, I have held several positions and offices in the community, though I probably do not remember about half of them.

I have now sacrificed my personal life, education, career, relationships, physical and mental health, so that I could spend more time editing... editing. Just editing.

One bit of sanity I have retained, however, is listening to music whilst I edit, specifically noise (white noiseharsh noise wallnature soundscape) and electro-swing, or any embarrassing song that makes me nostalgic, no matter the genre.[1]

Quick links

Helpful things to do

(remember to always assume good faith)

Useful templates

  • {{Additional citations|date=April 2021}}

Edit tools I use (no MediaWiki extensions as some may not be compatible/work well with MicroWiki)

Wiki awards I have received


Ribbon bar of an Editor1****.svg (Editor, first class****), 27 September 2020
Bronze II.svg (Be a registered user of MicroWiki for 2 years), 27 September 2020
Ribbon bar of a User who was Gnomed.svg (Ribbon bar of a user who was Gnomed)
and others[Citation not needed]


Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar.png The Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar
In the spirit of ripping off Wikipedia and in appreciation for how nice you are to new members with your friendly foreign policy, i present you with this gift! :)

--Guess I never Miss (21 January 2020)

20,000 Edits Medal.jpg
(20,000 Edits Award), 5 December 2019

WikiProjects I am a member of

If you are unforgiving, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.

— Unknown

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  1. (I may forget to change this, apologies)
  2. Updated weekly.
  1. There are only two exceptions to this rule: This 8-bit one, and this future funk vaporwave one