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The cinema of New Eiffel refers to thirty-one short films and two feature films produced within the erstwhile European micronation of New Eiffel. It was perhaps one the largest in the micronational community, and was also the largest and key industry of New Eiffel. Over 31 films had been produced by New Eiffel's dissolution.

Z&jProductions was the largest film producer and distributor, producing more than half of all films.

Short films by brothers Zarel (Zed) and Joost Smith predate New Eiffel and its predecessor states by a number of years. By the time Z&jProductions was established on 18 April 2017, only six films had been produced; the number rose to thirteen by the end of the year, when the Republic of New Finland was established. There was a spurt in film production between January and June 2018, which focused on film parodies, comedies and experiments with new genres, such as the first musical, romance and war films. June 2018 and further oversaw a rise in rival studios, such as Zfilms, Farkasok és Szar Studios and independent filmmaking, challenging Z&jProductions' monopoly over the industry. The industry saw a decline in the number of films produced in 2019, and a decline of comedies and rise in surrealist films, though technology and film quality vastly advanced. 2020 had been a very great year for New Eiffelic cinema, with the advancement of editing equipment, budget increases, aerial cameras and 4K resolution at 60 fps, as well as an increased number of films receiving critical success.


Pre-New Eiffel

Early works (2013–18 April 2017)

Long before the foundation of New Eiffel or it's predecessors, many short films were produced by brothers Zarel and Joost Smith. Three films were produced in 2013, a brickfilm, spy-film, and a mockumentary - all three films are now believed to be lost. The brickfilm is believed to have been lost after the original device it was shot and stored on, a fourth generation iPad, was destroyed sometime in 2016, whilst the spy-film was also lost after the destruction of another fourth generation iPad, though sometime during or before March 2017. The mockumentary film, however, could still exist somewhere on a video storage file or on a computer according to the Royal Archives, though it is not certain.

One of the earliest films At the Shop (2014) was directed, written and produced by Zarel and Joost, and filmed by their mother Daleen Smith. Supposedly produced on 20 March 2014 by Z.S. Movies, the minute film is about a shopkeeper and customer who trades for a water bottle as he has no money; later, the customer steals back the watch, and the shopkeeper chases after him. Despite his other three earlier films, Zarel credits At the Shop as his first real short-film, as it features a cast (his brother Joost), camera direction from his mother, and editing as the short was shot in two scenes. The film is currently archived in both an online video storage and a Z&jProductions video archive. After becoming gradually more interested in filmmaking, Zarel had the idea to produce a film for his family YouTube channel. As well as working with Joost, their father Louis Smith agreed to help write and edit the film. Shortly after, the idea for the film to follow a person who went to eat at a restaurant which ends up being poorly maintained with bad food and service was thought up. The set was than created primarily by Joost with help from Daleen, who was also the cinematographer. According to some sources filming took two takes, and after filming was complete it was edited by Louis, who later added an intro (which was removed in the final cut) as well as the song "Fluffing a Duck" by Kevin MacLeod, upon Zarel's recommendation. The film is said to have received positive reviews.

Early history of Z&jProductions (19 April 2017–30 December 2017)

Z&jProductions was founded on 18 April 2017 under the name Z & j Movies. Contradictorily, it was originally intended to produce web-series and web films. Zarel independently worked on the supernatural horror film The Doll; released on 19 April, it would become Z&jProductions' first film. Z&jProductions did not produce another film until 11 July, with the release of Batman v Superman: The Better Version, a parody of Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was set as the first film in the Z&jSuperverse, a parody of the MCU and DCEU superhero film franchises. Z&jProductions went on to release the disaster-film When Nibiru Comes on 10 October, which was Joost's directorial debut, and another parody, Sad Death Day on 28 October, parodying the 2017 American slasher film Happy Death Day. However, film is now considered partly lost. Filming for their next film which was also a supernatural horror, The Demented Computer, began on 31 October, just three days after filming wrapped-up for Sad Death Day. The production company for the film was Zfilms. The Demented Computer had been in development hell for months prior, having been through multiple script changes and extensive reshoots. The Demented Computer was released on 10 November, and was instantly met with heavy criticism, with many hailing it as the worst New Eiffelic films ever made. The film was a massive disappointment to Zarel and Joost, and both Zfilms and Z&jProductions (who distributed the film) took a massive hit; this led to an unsuccessful attempt to delete all copies of the film, resulting in most of it becoming lost, though some footage has survived. Z&jProductions officially adopted its current name during November, the same month as their final pre-New Eiffelic film, Sticky Hand, an action-comedy superhero film and second instalment in the Z&jSuperverse, which was released on 27 November. It received mixed to positive reviews.

New Finlandic cinema (31 December 2017–10 August 2018)

Upon the foundation of New Finland, cinema quickly became one of its major industries. New Finlanic cinema saw a huge rise in technological advancements, such as editing, cinematography and sound mixing, and a huge array of new genres and cinematic firsts.

The first instalment to the parody franchise Star Warz, Star Warz: Episode I - The Second to Last Jed-Eye, was released on 25 January 2018. It was met with high acclaim, and received praise for its special effects, costume designs and sound mixing, which was seen as highly innovative. Z&jProductions released a re-edited and remastered edition of an older film Zarel starred in in 2014, called Guns Out Fire, on 14 February. Z&jProductions began experimenting with different genres and film techniques, and three films were produced in March, the most in a single month ever in New Eiffelic cinema; Best Bollywood Movie Ever on 14th, a musical parody of Bollywood and a take on Indian culture, and Fortnite: The (un)OFFICIAL Movie, based on the video game Fortnite: Battle Royale, and Beneath the Summer Skies: A Toilet Paper Love Story, a romantic comedy, on 27th. It is also the only time two films had been released on the same day. Best Bollywood Movie Ever received mixed reviews, and had criticism that the film was allegedly racist towards Indians, and had an hidden anti-Indian sentiment, while the two latter films received generally positive reviews.

Amateur historian jOOST Smith pitched an idea for a war film to Zarel. Zarel directed, while jOOST wrote and produced the film. It took days of shooting, and a huge amount of editing and sound mixing. The Great War Part I, set between 1914 and 1915, was released on 12 April, and was met with critical acclaim, aimed at its performances, realism, set design, score, sound mixing and screenplay. It was also very popular among audiences, and was for a long time the most seen New Eiffelic film, and still holds that record if you exclude online viewings (theatre only). Since its release, The Great War Part I has been considered one of the greatest New Eiffelic films ever made, and has been credited as being largely influential on New Eiffelic cinema.

The next film to follow suit was The Doll: Origins on 19 April, and is a prequel to Z&jProductions' first film The Doll (2017). It was the first sequel released in New Eiffel, and received very negative reviews. After the negative reception of the film, Zarel took a short break from short film producing for Z&jProductions, and went on to produce two independent films in June, Layers and The Farmer. Both were later distributed by Zfilms.

The now disestablished non-governmental body the Official New Eiffel Ratings Board was founded on 17 March, requiring all films (including macronational) intended for theatrical release to have to be granted an age rating certificate. The ratings at the time were AA, PG, PG10, T13, M15, F18 and G21. Film censorship had also been getting a lot stricter, until the ONERB began relaxing its policy in July. Originally a film could not be banned until the government decided they had the power to ban any films promoting terrorism in New Eiffel and "false information about New Eiffel". On 16 June, a new set of age ratings were released by the ONERB, and the ONERB gained the ability to ban films and give them an R rating (restricted, indicating they are banned); these new ratings were AA, AAWW, 13A, 13, 15, 16, X18, and R. Banned films could still be viewed, however they cannot be sold, imported nor distributed. On 16 July, the final ratings system was introduced, consisting of AA, AAWW, 13A, 13, 15A, 16, and R18. The ability to ban films promoting false information about New Eiffel was also removed. The unofficial rating [BANNED] replaced R. The ONERB continued relaxing its polices, and most films that were been rated X18 received a 16 rating with the new system. The ONERB was later replaced by the Cupertino Alliance's Amalgamated Film Rating Board on 14 April 2020.

New Eiffelic cinema (11 August 2018–1 November 2020)

Following the dormancy of Z&jProductions, there was a huge decline in the number of films produced. The rival studio Farkasok és Szar Studios was founded in order to produce more films for New Eiffelic cinema. Shot in five days, Scissor: Dawn of a New Game screened on 12 October 2018, and was at the time considered to be one of the darkest films to be released within New Eiffel. The film received generally positive reviews, being praised for its storyline, dark theme and its realistic props, though was criticised for its number of continuities. It was highly influential in the revival of New Eiffelic cinema, and proved that other studios had a shot. Z&jâProductions returned with PUBG: The (un)OFFICIAL Movie on 8 January 2019, which was received generally positively. Farkasok és Szar Studios than teamed up with Spooked Out! Productions in order to produce Epic Action Movie on 17 February, another massive hit for Farkasok és Szar Studios, which proved to be a critical success, particularly being praised for its slapstick comedy, acting, story and practical effects.

More critical and commercial hits by Z&jProductions followed; the first prequel in the Star Warz film franchise and first prequel in the Star Warz main trilogy of the "Pawn Chology", Star Warz: The Stone Age on 25 March, Dimensions: Choices, which introduced the surreal in tempore genre on 13 April, and Best Bollywood Movie Ever 2 on 30 April, which spoofed sequels, themes of revenge, "Mary Sue" characters and Indian culture and religion. Two films in the Med-Evil Ghost film series were released in May;Med-Evil Ghost on 8 May followed by Med-Evil Ghost II on 23 May. It is the shortest gap between sequels in New Eiffelic film history. Both films received mixed to negative reviews, however are now considered to be cult classics.

Surrealism, feature films and decline of comedies (June 2019–March 2020)

The modern surrealist film movement in New Eiffel is often said to begin with the release of Zarel Smith's Being Born Twelve Times on 30 June 2019. Smith described it as "True art, showcasing the story of the economic boom and the financial crisis of 2007–2008, and what it's like growing up poor in a capitalist society". The film was was received poorly among critics, with Smith controversially saying "art cannot be seen by an untrained eye". It was followed by two more surrealist films by Smith, Chair on 10 July, and Protect tHE Earth on 13 July. Both films received very small releases. Smith called Chair a "psychological thriller made to test human emotion", and stated that his latter film was about climate change.

After a three-month dormancy of film releases within New Eiffelic cinema, the third instalment to the Med-Evil Ghost film series Med-Evil Ghost: Curse Broken was released on 11 November. It received positive reviews, and is considered by many to be the best of the series thus far. It was followed by another independent film from Zarel, the psychological thriller Underneath. Released on 5 December, it was inspired by the 2010 film Buried.

Zarel independently produced and released New Eiffel's first feature-length film Soothing Ring of Fire on 28 December. It is an experimental art film, and consists of ten hours and thirty-four minutes of slow motion footage of an unchanging view of an electronic heater fan, making it one of the longest films ever made. The film does not have conventional narrative or characters, and largely reduces the experience of cinema to the passing of time. It became an art installation of the Surrealist Art Gallery for its grand opening on on 15 January 2020.

The first Annual New Eiffelic Short Film Award commenced on 16 January 2020 - Epic Action Movie was the biggest winner, receiving three awards, including Best Picture. Med-Evil Ghost: Curse Broken and Star Warz: The Stone Age both received two, including Best Acting for jOOST Smith's performance as Med-Evil Ghost, and Best Make-up, Set Design and Costume for Star Warz: The Stone Age. Dimensions: Choices won Best Editing.

February–March saw the release of four shorts and another feature-film; two one-minute horror short films, The Hooded and Silence by Z&jProductions on 11 February and 25 March respectively, whilst Zarel released two more independent films, Smith iPad Record of a Sneeze on 4 March and The Human Legopede on 6 March. The Hooded received mixed to positive reviews, whilst the latter three films received generally negative reviews, with The Human Legopede being hailed as one of the worst New Eiffelic films ever produced.


New age (April—1 November 2020)

Star Warz: The Stranded Sith

The ONERB was officially disestablished on 20 April 2020, when it merged into the Cupertino Alliance's intermicronational Amalgamated Film Rating Board (AFRB) which "[combined] the Official New Eiffel Ratings Board with other with other film rating boards in other member states to form the Amalgamated Film Rating Board."[1] It created the revised ratings E, PG, 13PG, 13+, 15PG, 18+ and HR.[2]

Zarel Smith created four films between May and June. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Smith's film school requests that alongside other students Smith submit a scene for the school and submit it to them so they could edit all the footage together to form a comprehensive story, this was for the British released Panic in the Sitting Room! on 3 May. Smith later created the fantasy Eye Opener with members of his household family for the school on 7 May. Smith went on to produce Insaniam on 22 May, however, unlike most of Smith's independent films, Insaniam was distributed by Z&jProductions on the same day as the film's initial release. The film received positive reviews as opposed to Smith's previous surrealist films between June and July 2019. Smith has been cited as saying Insaniam is his favourite surrealist film he has created yet, calling it his "magnum opus", favouring it above his previous personal favourite Being Born Twelve Days. Smith's last independent film thus far was Hiking Trail, released on 3 June. The film was Smith's first to be shot and released in entirely 4K resolution at 30 fps; the highest in New Eiffel until the record was broken by Pick a month later on 27 June, which had a scene filmed in 4K resolution at 60 fps. Though, the film received mixed reviews.


After New Eiffel

Art cinema



Events and awards

Cancelled films

Film technology

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