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This is for proposing notable events, as they happen and develop, to be added to the 2021 in the MicroWiki community article when it is written in past-tense by the end of the year. Do not add entries such as "GUM continued its growth" etc. as such statements are ongoing and will be determined by the end of the year.

Most criteria for additions are very relaxed, as they are not guaranteed to be on the final article, so feel free to add stuff.

Politics, diplomacy and conflicts

  • Jack Dean elected as the 32nd Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, winning with 28 votes (62.2%). (1 January)
  • GUM Development Initiative (early January)
  • Hot Pink Friday (Essexia; 19 February)
  • Logan Ross elected Chair of the Cupertino Alliance after having been Chair-elect in the previous month (15 February)
  • Anthea raid, allegedly by the Essexian government, which they denied. (early February)
  • Micronational Summit in Houston, in Dracul, between Christina Nowell, Stephen Luke, Charles Ross, and retired micronationalist Shiro (February)
  • Adoption of the Charter of the Grand Unified Micronational, 100% support amongst the 31 members who voted (21 March)


  • Luxor (Micronationalist of the Month for January; won the Nicholas Randouler Award for Outstanding Contribution to Micronationalism via a public vote)
  • Daniel Hamilton (Micronationalist of the Month for February)
  • User:Z Luna Skye/Top Ten Monthly Micronationalists (note that this is not a reliable citation in its own right and should not be used as such; more so, this is another list like this one for such proposals of notability.)
Note that Statistic-Dime's Micronationalists of the Month, the "community leaders" according to the History of the MicroWiki community, and deceased micronationalists in 2020 will automatically be added regardless of consensus here.


COVID-19 pandemic


  • MicroWiki moved to a new server provider (early January)
  • Main page was redesigned (13 January)
  • MicroWiki opened a Patreon for donations

Wiki admins

  • Zed resigned (6 January); hit 40,000 edits on 7 March
  • Ives Blackwood resigned (12 March)


  • Cameron resigns as an admin (March)
  • Brooke Kennedy becomes head admin (March)
  • Daniel Hamilton resigns as a moderator (March)

(Archie Birch and Ives Blackwood were both briefly made moderators for a month between February–March, though later resigned due to differentiating reasons); their additions to the final article may be less notable

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