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A number of alternative events to physical summits were held.

Between 14–17 March, the Cupertino Alliance hosted the 69 Hour Session, which was advertised as the "longest session in micronational history." During the session CAD$10 was donated to the Canadian Red Cross' China Novel Coronavirus Response Appeal.[1] "Anthemgate" followed as a result of the session however.[2] The Twenty-four Hour MicroWiki Edit-a-thon began on 17 April at 3:00 AM (UTC) and ended 18 April at 4:00 AM. Organised by Zed and Cole Baird, it focused primarily on cleaning-up and improving various articles on MicroWiki. The edit-a-thon was later however considered unproductive.[citation needed] The Grand Unified Micronational organised a fourth 24 Hour Quorum between 1–2 May in order to raise awareness for the COVID-19 pandemic and raise money for the British Red Cross. The quorum had sixty-five participants in total, allowing non-members to participate as guests, and quorum was maintained successfully throughout the full twenty-four hours. The participants raised a total of £266 British pounds, and the event received praise within the MicroWiki community.[3][4]

Others intermicronational digital events include the 2020 GUM Virtual Summit, which had over forty attendees,[citation needed] the First Oblate Convention, which had nine attendees,[a][5] and the MicroWiki Karaoke Night on MicroWiki@Discord, which had twenty-five attendees.[6]

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