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Welcome to user page review. I review user pages on a scale of 1 to 10. Enjoy. Also, this is 100% just my opinion.

User page Rating Description
User:Z. Luna Skye 9.0 This is obvious very biased. Anyways, the ad banner at the top is a nice gag, but could be slightly annoying. The gif itself isn’t too bad, for instance though you can kinda see Thanos was poorly cut out. The status at the top is also a nice touch. The addition of the nine squares with different links in is really cool, they have very high definition and correct symbols. The welcome gif at the top is also nice. The annoying bit however is that the ‘Sandboxes’ link isn’t blue for some reason. The about me section at the bottom is a nice touch, but kinda weird and contains unnecessary information and additions. And the rainbow line gif at the bottom is just kinda stupid, and it doesn’t fit in.
User:KingdomOfBaustralia 6.5 Infobox contains a nice amount of information, and doesn’t feel too personal or too much like a MicroWiki article. I would like for a better image though. The userboxes are nice, aside from the ‘This person is an Admiral of the Fleet in His Royal Navy’ one, which stretches out because of the image, which I understand you can’t really fix, but still. I’m also not sure what in the world the Wiki service awards are. Subpages is nice and clean, and the ‘To-do’ section only has one link.
Nedland 1.5 I mean, it’s only the text “teh edits for lolz (as of 7 June 2017)” followed by a list of names with a number next to them. I’m assuming it’s a list of users by edit count as of 7 June 2017. There isn’t much to say really.