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The edit awards are unofficial awards created by Z. Luna Skye, handed out to users on MicroWiki. Users will earn a new edit award trophy for each edit milestone.


Award Edits required Official name Userbox Number of users
with this award
100 Edits Award.png 100 One hundred edits award
100 Edits Award.png This user has the 100 edits award.
Maybe 700 - 1,000 15.890%
500 Edits Award19.png 500 Five hundred edits award
500 Edits Award19.png The user has the 500 edits award.
300+ 5.608%
1,000 Edits Award.png 1,000 One thousand edits award
1,000 Edits Award.png This user has the 1,000 edits award.
100 - 150 2.336%
2,000 Edits Award.png 2,000 Two thousand edits award
2,000 Edits Award.png This user has the 2,000 edits award, and may never have slept before.
45 0.579%
TBA 4,000 Grand four thousand edits award
MWlogo.png This user has the grand 4,000 edits award.
17 0.261%
Grand 10K Edit Award.png 10,000 Legendary ten thousand edits award
Grand 10K Edit Award.png This user has the legendary 10,000 edits award, and deserves praise!
5 0.056%

Statistical accuracy

I have went through the entire list of users and checked all their edits.