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WIP List of disasters in New Eiffel.


February 2018 New Eiffelic cold wave

June 2019 European heat wave

July 2019 European heat wave

COVID-19 pandemic

New Eiffel has had suspected cases of COVID-19, however none were officially reported, thus giving the number of cases 0.[a] On 12 March, New Eiffel declared a state of caution due to the continuing spread of coronavirus in the surrounding areas. On 13 March, the only school in New Eiffel New Eiffel School was closed, and announced it was planning on reopening in two weeks, however did not open until the 15 April, following the little threat imposed by COVID-19 for citizens within New Eiffel's borders. The Prince stated on 15 March that sporting events and outside travel would not be restricted for the time being, however later on 24 March all outside travel was restricted. Travel bans were lifted on 27 April with a set curfew. On 19 May the Prince said there was no evidence of any threats imposed by COVID-19, and on 2 June declared the state of caution over.

Storm Ciara



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