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Facts that will make you smile!


10 April

9 April

8 April

7 April


6 April


5 April


4 April


3 April


2 April

If you ever feel sad, remember, you are lucky enough to live in a world where you can watch whatever movie you want, eat any food you want, watch television without restrictions, and whatever else you want most likely exists on the Internet.

1 April

In China, killing a panda gives you the death sentence.

31 March

Happy mother's day! Let’s celebrate with some facts about mothers: In English she’s mom; in Mandarin Chinese, mama. To Spanish kids, she’s mama too, though with slightly different accents on the syllables. “Mom” is translated as mamma in Iceland, ma in punjabi, em in Hebrew and me in Vietnamese. Noticing a trend? No coincidence — one of the first word-like sounds babies typically vocalize is a “ma” sound, and almost every language across the globe has taken that baby talk as the basis for the word for mother.
Source: Live Science

30 March

A 7-year old boy posted a letter saying "Mr. Postman, Can you take this to Heaven for my dad's birthday?", and the Royal Mail actually replied, claiming that it did get sent to heaven.
Source: MSN

29 March

For people who are scared of planes, they are statistically more safer then cars.

28 March

A 19-year old tourist spent the whole day picking up trash (for free) from Miami beaches. When interviewed, he said “Even though I’m on vacation, I still can help out.”
Source: Good News Network

27 March

Mister Rogers (rest in peace), was given the honour of pouring the wax that made the 1 billionth Crayola crayon.

26 March

According to police statistics, we now have less crime, a lower death rate and longer life expectancy than at any other time in human history. What a time to be alive! :D

25 March

Cuddling can help wounds heal faster, due to the release of oxytocin. Not only that, but cuddling can also help you heal mentally, and gives you feelings of calmness and security.
Source: The Happy News Paper

24 March

Sea otters hold hands when they sleep to keep each other from drifting apart.
Source: MNN

23 March

Squirrels are responsible for planting thousands of new trees each year, simply because of forgetting where they put their acorns.

22 March

A couple invited the Queen of England to their wedding as a joke, and she actually showed up. The couple said they invited her as a joke, obviously not expecting her to show up. The bride Frances said "It was bizarre that she knew our names". They were shocked to see her and Prince Philip actually show up for the wedding. According to Frances, it was a bizarre experience, and one I bet she’ll never forget.
Source: Dailymail