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Zarel Smith
Prince of New Eiffel
In office
11 August 2018 - 20 June 2020
Predecessor Office established
Successor Joost I
Head of State of the Islands of Omaha
Assumed office
8 December 2018 - 29 January 2020
Predecessor Office established
Superior Judge of the Cupertino Alliance
Assumed office
25 March 2020
Chair of the Board Jayden Lycon
Predecessor Office established
Secretariat for Micronational Development for the Grand Unified Micronational
Assumed office
11 January 2020
Chair Thomas I
Predecessor Nicholas Randouler
Acting Secretariat for Public Relations and Press for the Grand Unified Micronational
In office
1 February 2020 - 30 March 2020
Chair Thomas I
Predecessor Adam I
Successor Adam I
Personal information
Born 18 November 2004 (age 15)
London, England
Birth name Zarel Wilhelmus Jacobus Smith
Religion Anglican Christian
Signature Z Luna Skye/old's signature

Smith got interested in micronationalism after hearing about the Republic of Molossia via its website in 2017, and founded the Republic of New Finland on 31 December 2017; after becoming a kingdom in June 2018, it was reformed on August 2018 into a parliamentary principality, with Smith as its head of state. Since April 2018, Smith has been attending film and theatre acting classes at Esher Church of England High School in Surrey.[1] Smith joined MicroWiki in September 2018. Smith abdicated in June 2020 in favour of his brother jOOST, due to his inability to put enough time and effort into his position, and by the time of his abdication Smith had risen to be a prominent and praised micronational leader, especially within the "New Guard". jOOST granted Smith the substantive title of "Duke of Hsed" after his abdication.

Smith edits MicroWiki under the username "Z. Luna Skye", and with over 30,000 edits and more than 3,500 page creations, Smith holds the record for the highest amount of edits made on the English-language MicroWiki.[2] Smith claims to have allegedly spent somewhere near 1,000 hours on MicroWiki.[3] Smith is also an administrator on MicroWikiDictionary and has been since 7 April 2019;[4] he also founded the unaffiliated MicroWikiQuotes on 23 January 2020.[5]

Smith is a well-known micronationalist in the MicroWiki Sector. After a number of minor controversies and feuds between late September 2018 and early January 2019, Smith gradually began improving his image and foreign relations with New Eiffel and the wider MicroWiki Sector, however his first two months on the MicroWiki@Discord server were of some ridicule from members who had heard about his previous controversies. Smith established the now well-known Micronationalist of the Month award in late January 2019,[6] and was made a MicroWiki patroller in late February due to his positive contributions on MicroWiki.[7] During March, Smith expanded New Eiffel's relations by signing treaties with Mahuset,[8] and the now former nations Goldenstein[9] and Vryland, as well as ratifying a treaty signed in February with Ünie. Smith did various surveys and statistical projects throughout April, and co-founded Microcode et al.[10] The MicroWiki meme @New Eiffel Government also formed. Smith's innovative ideas, outreach efforts, professionalism and likeable personality is often contributed to Smith's fast growth among the "New Guard" between April to July of that year; the 2019 incarnation of the Organisation of Active Micronations which Smith founded also attracted many newer and smaller nations, making them aware of Smith as well as New Eiffel - Former OAM members which are now prominent on MicroWiki include Aenopia, Ponderosa Hills and Lytera (see TOES Sector). This was due to the unexclusive joining criteria.[11] Smith conducted various surveys and participated in a number of social, sporting and other events between August to December, as well as beginning to partake in elections and fill micronational positions, most notably running for Populares in Abelden, for which he won the closest electoral victory in a by-election running for Populares, winning the by-election to a newly created seat of the Reichsversammlung by two votes, having received 18 votes, against his opponent, Chase Nanatovich of Social Ecology, who received 16 votes.[12] The start of 2020 saw a positive start, with Smith receiving two New Year Honours, in Iustus and Millania, and expanding his political career, partaking in elections; becoming a Lord in Essexia,[13] winning local elections in Posaf, becoming Minister of Orthography for Morgannwg in Abelden[14] and earning various offices in the Grand Unified Micronational.[15]


Activity In the MicroWiki Sector

Smith in February 2020; the image was used as an alternative and more updated image to his official royal portrait which was more than a year old



Departure (June—Present)

[20] [21][22][23][24]



[b][33][34][35][36][37][38][39][40][41][c] [42] Royal Wiki,[43] the former wikis New Eiffel Wiki,[44] The Konmalehth Libraries[45] and Un-Recognized Nations,[46] as well as also editing Wikipedia (300+ edits),[47] IMDb (1,000+ edits), Awful Movies Wiki (6 edits)[48] WikiFur (30+ edits)[49] and WikiTree (20+ edits)[50] among various others.

Other MicroWiki projects

MicroWikiDictionary and MicroWikiQuotes

Luxor primarily created the website MicroWikiDictionary with some help from Smith on 7 April 2019. Smith is also an administrator on the site. It is similar to Wiktionary, however for micronational phrases and terms. As of July 2020, MicroWikiDictionary has over 40 entries.[51] Smith created the unaffiliated MicroWikiQuotes on 23 January 2020, built completely on MicroWiki userpages.[52] It serves as a free online compendium of quotations from micronationalists and other creative micronational works in the English-language, including things such as books, transcripts, fiction, speeches and more. It claims to differ from MicroCommons, being that it does not include things like acts, files or other documentation. As of July 2020, it features 16 articles and 4 files.[53][54] It also has a blacklist for micronationalists which may not have articles created on them,[55] as well as a quote of the month, article of the month and image of the month, however it has been inactive since March 2020.[56]





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Film career

Smith in InterYet to Come (2019), the image later became associated with the Zedposting meme

Smith is an independent filmmaker, film critic, actor, producer and cinematographer. Smith has created for Z&jProductions, alongside other New Eiffelic film studios and independently, over twenty short-films.[59][60]

Originally beginning his film criticism in the middle of 2016, he founded ZSR Film Reviews on 9 March 2017,[61] and later began to take an interest in acting and filmmaking himself. Smith and his brother jOOST founded the film studio and distributor Z&jProductions[62] on 18 April, Smith than created the horror short The Doll a day later. Batman v Superman: The Better Version (2017), a parody of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), was released on 11 July. It was co-directed by both Zarel and jOOST. A further four Z&jProductions films were released that year. In 2018, Smith began to take an interest in independent filmmaking, and created the surrealist Layers (2018) and horror The Farmer (2018) in June. Earlier in April, Smith began taking filmmaking and theatre acting classes at Esher Church of England High School, and appeared in two films the school created. In September 2018, Smith auditioned for a role in a comedy school-themed short film. On 22 September, Smith went to a second audition for the film, however did not get the role. Smith became a fan of surrealism, and alongside him still creating films for Z&jProductions, he continued to experiment with his own films, and created the surrealist Being Born Twelve Times (2019) in June, and the psychological thriller Underneath (2019) in December. Smith stared in a further three films for the school, Cutlery (2019), Mostly Haunted (2019), and most notably InterYet to Come (2019), which came second place in the 2019 Childnet Film Competition.[63] On 22 July, Smith was made the subtitle translator for the upcoming film Data Disaster in Afrikaans.[64] Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Smith alongside the other students had to film a scene for his film school and submit it to them so they could edit all the footage together to form a comprehensive story, this was for Panic in the Sitting Room! (2020). Smith than created Eye Opener (2020) for the school, and independently created the surreal Insaniam (2020), which he says is his favourite film to date, and the thriller Hiking Trail (2020).

Smith has also created two abstract[65] feature-films, Soothing Ring of Fire (2019), his first, an avant-garde[66] film which is ten hours and thirty-four minutes of slow motion footage of an unchanging view of an electronic heater fan, and with no conventional narrative or characters, largely reduces the experience of cinema to the passing of time,[67] and Ambient Walks (2020), a video of people walking for 2 hours and 7 minutes, looped over and over again until it cuts off and ends after exactly 1,800 minutes (30 hours) of runtime - leaving some to call it the ninth longest film ever made.[68]

Independent filmography

  Created by Zarel.
Year Title Acting role Others Genre Ref.
2018 "First Bite" First victim Horror [69]
"Layers" Alice Director, creator Surrealism [60]
"The Farmer" Farmer Director, creator Horror [60]
"WW1 100th Anniversary Poem Reading" Reader 4 Actuality [70]
2019 "Cutlery" The fork Co-director Experimental [71][72]
"InterYet to Come" Ghost of Internet Past Fantasy, comedy [63][73]
"Being Born Twelve Times" Worker 1763 Director, creator Surrealism [60]
"Mostly Haunted" Male twin Comedy horror [74]
"Underneath" Bradley Evans Director, creator Psychological thriller [60]
2020 Untitled Horror Film Director, cinematographer Horror, thriller [75]
"Smith iPad Record of a Sneeze" Man Director, creator Experimental [60]
"Coughs and Sneezes Spreads Diseases 2020" Man #3 Cinematographer Comedy [76][77]
"Panic in the Sitting Room!" Man #6 Cinematographer Comedy horror [78][79]
"Eye Opener" Robert Director, creator Fantasy [80]
"Insaniam" Gregory Hutts Director, creator Surrealism [81][82]
"Hiking Trail" Man Director, creator Thriller [60]

Avant-garde feature films

Zarel has created twi avant-garde feature films, and is currently also working on one called Aucun personnage disponible..

Year Title Synopsis
2019 "Soothing Ring of Fire"[83] Ten hours and thirty-four minutes of slow motion footage of an unchanging view of an electronic heater fan. The film does not have conventional narrative or characters, and largely reduces the experience of cinema to the passing of time.[67][84]
2020 "Ambient Walks"[85] The film starts off with archival "VHS"-filtered footage, before turning into a slow motion video of people walking for 2 hours and 7 minutes, looped over and over again until it cuts off and ends after exactly 1,800 minutes (30 hours) of runtime.[86]


Smith also does theatre acting.

Year Title Role Notes
2015 "Kingston School Christmas Play" Homeless man #1 Christmas play.
2018 "Z and J Circus" Himself — Magician Circus performance.

Other videos

Campaign videos

Other ventures

Smith playing baseball in Pretoria, 2016
Smith posing for his fashion brand Zínt, 2019[89]

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