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Promotional poster; look how happy he looks! :D
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My two year anniversary on MicroWiki "microversary" will be celebrated on 27 September 2020.

Background and planning


Day one

Day two

Day three

29 September will be teh final day of the event.

Wiki editing

The wiki editing theme for the two year anniversary is "Film", and thus a number of film-related articles are being cleaned-up.

Major copyedits

Page creations



Ribbon bar of an Editor1****.svg
The highest editor class per MicroWiki:Service ribbons - requirements are 2 years, and 7500 edits.

MicroWiki logo glitch effect.gif This user has been on MicroWiki for 2 years. 2Y

Zed also added:
"Within 2 years, this user was:

  • Appointed a MicroWikiDictionary administrator (7 April 2019)
  • Became a meme (19 April 2019)
  • Made a member of the Micropolitan Club and Lounge (18 August 2019)
  • Got 3 articles to good article status (5 Oct 2019–1 Aug 2020)
  • Ranked first on the list of users by edit count with (7 November 2019)
  • Made 728 edits in 1 day (7 November 2019)
  • Founded TOES (25 December 2019)
  • Appointed a wiki administrator (2 February 2020)
  • Uploaded 500+ files (26 February 2020)
  • Appointed a Discord administrator (1 May 2020)"
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