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Prince of New Eiffel

Z. Wilhelmus J. Smith
Coat of Arms of New Eiffel. Created by Cameron I of Ikonia.
Personal information
Born 18 November 2004
England, Surrey, Epsom, Epsom General Hospital
Citizenship The Principality of New Eiffel, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Nationality New Eiffelic (South African)
Ethnicity White
Political party Socialist Scandinavian Party
Other political
Monarchy Party
Residence New Eiffel, New Leeds, Main Building, 001-AG
Occupation Actor, Photographer, Film Critic, Filmmaker
Profession Prince of New Eiffel, Filmmaker
Religion Christianity (Anglicanism)
King of New Eiffel 4 June 2018– 30 August 2018
Prince of New Eiffel 30 August 2018– Present
Ideology Social democracy
Education Kingston School (2013 - 2015), New Eiffel School (2018 - Present),
Esher Church of England High School (2018 - Present)
Sexuality Asexual
Military service
Service/branch New Eiffel War Flag.jpeg His Royal Army of New Eiffel
In service 2018 - Present
Rank Chief of Staff
Battles/wars Arstotzka Observation, New Eiffel Civil War, New Eiffel Border War,
Reunification of New Eiffel Skirmish
Awards Braveness Award, Honour of improvement

On MicroWiki

Z. Luna Skye
UsernameZ. Luna Skye
TitlePrince Zed I of the Principality of New Eiffel
Born18 November 2004
Name in real lifeZarel Smith
Preferred pronounHim/he
NationalityNew Eiffelic
MicronationPrincipality of New Eiffel
Role(s) in micronationPrince, Minister of Transportation
Micronation citizenship(s)Austenasia, New Eiffel, Vryland, Nowhere, and more...
LanguagesEnglish and Afrikaans
Time zoneGMT (UTC)
AlignmentNeutral good
Political spectrumCenter-right
Family and friends
Marital statusSingle
SiblingsJ. Smith, Sam Smith
ParentsLouis Smith, Daleen Smith
PetsTrixie, cat
Education and employment
OccupationFilm critic, actor, filmmaker, director
EmployerSelf employed
School(s)New Eiffel School, Esher Church of England High School, Kingston School
Hobbies, interests, favourites and beliefs
AliasesZed Smith
Movies12 Angry Men (1957), Wolf Children (2012), Wizard of Oz (1939) and City Lights (1931)
MusicElectro swing
Lucky number2
BandsGalantis, TheFatRat, Caravan Palace, Imagine Dragons
Contact info
WebsiteZSR Film Reviews
DiscordNew Eiffel Government#4073
YouTubeNew Eiffel
Joined27 September 2018
First edit
SignatureZ. Luna Skye (Prince Zed I) (talk) 15:13, 13 May 2019 (UTC)
AssociationsAnthony Dickson, Tsar Charles I