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Declaration for secession of Kanin Peninsula

In order for the Russia federation to secure rights and wellbeing for its native ethnic groups A new Republic shall be proclaimed on the kanin peninsula, The right to settle is reserved for Avars, Dargins, Tuvans, Chechens and the native Nenets. It will have A constitution that is similar to the Russian federation constitution but has regional differences such as recognition of Tengriism, Islam and Tibetan Buddhism as traditional religions as well as reserved ethnic land rights and . However their is a religious council A part of state legislation that deals with dogma and issues. The Republic Government is in definition Nationalistic Republican similar to Turkey but with more socialist policies. The Foreign policy is mostly trade and shall be independent but cooperative with Russian foreign policy. In regards to policy the President is granted private but state power is subject only to Republic Parliament as well as the constitution. The Republican government has a diplomat and embassy owned and funded by the Republican government. As for military it has two wings Kanin intelligence service and Kanin National Armed Forces which include police force. The Government constitutionally applies private law regarding funding for organisations. Unlike other Russian regions the Constitution is not subject to recent laws and amendments and all state laws are From the Unchanged 1993 constitution and Kanin State Constitution as well as Local Courts. Chinese workers and Russian workers are allowed to work without visa freely but remain segregated from citizens. In schools Avar and Tuvan are spoken as first languages with Kaninian German as language of inter-ethnic communication. Nenets are to be granted tribal status with a non-assimilation policy unlike other ethnic groups.