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For more information go to User:Wyatt400 for Wyatt400's user page, or Wyatt Seungri Baek, President of Gapla for his article, or go to the MicroWiki:Service ribbons page.

Service Ribbons

I'll update this list as soon as I know I got a ribbon.

Wyatt400's MicroWiki Service Ribbons
Name of the Ribbon Ribbon Awarded For
Ribbon bar of an Editor Ribbon bar of an Editor.svg 1 Month, and 100 Edits
Ribbon bar of an Editor* Ribbon bar of an Editor*.svg 3 Months, and 250 Edits
Ribbon bar of an Editor** Ribbon bar of an Editor**.svg 6 Months, and 500 Edits
Ribbon bar of a User who was Gnomed Ribbon bar of a User who was Gnomed.svg Received Template:Gnomed From a User