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North Blastnya

North Blastnya
Север Блactnea

Flag of North Blastnya.pngpx

Administrative state of William Ranger
Capital William Plaza
Founded 9 April 2012 (as Blastnya)
2 February 2013 (as North Blastnya)
Disestablished 2 April 2013
Governor King William

North Blastnya (Russian: Север Блactnea; Indonesian: Blastnya Utara) was a administrative state of William Ranger.


Blastnya was annexed in 9 April 2012 by the Kingdom of William Ranger. The name "Blastnya" was taken from the name of the second level of a video game Heavy Weapon.

On February 3 2013, Blastnya was separated into two parts, North Blastnya and South Blastnya. North Blastnya was dissolved on April 2 2013, when Wiliam Ranger was dissolved.

Administrative divisions

North Blastnya is divided into five cities, listed below here.

  • William Plaza (capital)
  • St. Mark
  • William Park
  • North Merdeka
  • South Merdeka