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His Royal Majesty, William the First, of the House of Wilson, by the Grace of God, his servant, Prōtomandisebastos, King of Gradonia, Dux pacem Gradonia, King of the South Sea, Prince of Hestrvatn, Prince of Cedarnia, Jarl of Markland, (a) Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire, Archduke of Wilson, Imperial Prince, Duke of Northumbria, Marquis of Novaria, Earl of Northumbria, Baron of Warkworth, Baron in Aspen, His Excellency, the Right Honorable, Chancellor of the United Kingdoms of Chesepeake and Vørxashan, Lord in Vørxashan, Lord in Chesapeake, Lord Governor of the Whiskey Islands, Sir, Sovereign of the Order of Charlington, Scūtum Rex (King of Arms) of the Holy Roman Empire, Officer in the Order of the Aspen Empire, Baron, Speaker of the Senate, Hero of Quebec.