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Cole B., of Wegmat


Hi! This is the user page of Cole B. of Wegmat. Mentally insane in his own right. Subscribe to Wormhole TV Bruh.


Welcome to weed this is my hell hole of a wiki biki page.

Weed Wedd Weed


I am prime minister of le gaymat my prfessions include being a “”””cookl”l”” i beleive it counts because i cooked toast once. i owen the wel nown copani lowzboy industies it makes funny memmes hahahhahaha ha

Godsicon.jpeg Tremble! You thought this was the WikiGod userbox but it wasn't, you just fooled yourself instead.

Bi flag.svg Oh God Oh bruh!this user may or may not be bi please dont tell my mom pwease

EN This user is maybe native speaker of the English language.
Template:AdminUser jk lol
Donkey.jpg This user may or may not be clinically stuck-up their own a**.

Micrognome.png This user is gnot a gnelf but is in fact a WikiGnome. jk lol being a gnome is broing
get jk’d again i am a slight gnome
jk once again when it comes to Category:Wegmat i go biserk

Sinlo2.jpeg This user is a fake furry .
WOW This user is number 64 on the List of users by edit count ('that’s fricking lame 😒 am i right.'

Sound-icon.svg This user is a member of MiroProject:Spoken.

MWlogo.png This user would rather be editing MicroWiki than doing anything else unless he being a lameo playing video games or watching youtube.

ZarelJune2019.jpeg This user wishes to thank Zed for making the userboxes they stole.

Godsicon.jpeg Tremble! You got fooled twice ffs

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Editathon.jpeg This user participated in the Twenty-four Hour MicroWiki Edit-a-thon on 17 April 2020 .
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Femboy.jpg This editor thinks that Charles Ross is stupid.