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Nation Logo Party Latest Election
Flag of Adammia.svg Adammia Noflag.png Red Green Alliance 2020 Adammic general election
AendereseFlag.png Aenderia Alp logo.png Centrist Party of Aenderia Unknown
Empire of Aenopia flag.png Aenopia Shrek.jpg Shrek Super Party of Aenopia December 2020 Aenopian Y Senedd election
Flag of Aswington.png Aswington Logo of the National Democratic Party.png National Democratic Party 2020 Aswingtonian general election
Flag of Australis.svg Australis LibSoc.png Libertarian Socialist Party Unknown
Flag of Ausveria.png Ausveria Noflag.png Ausverian Fatherland Party None
Flag of Baustralia (Pantone).svg Baustralia ConservativePartyofBausFlag.png Conservative Party of Baustralia Unknown
Flag of Cycoldia Real.svg Cycoldia Best Coat Of Arms Of Cycoldia.png Monarchist Party of Cycoldia October 2020 Cycoldian general election
Flag of Desert District .png Desert District AenderiaDSC.jpg Democratic Socialist Coalition September 2020 Desert District general election
Flag of Elysium.png Elysium Progressive Party Logo.png Progressive Party October 2020 Elysiumite senate elections
Flag of Georgienstine.svg Georgienstine Georgienstine First Logo.png Georgienstine First November 2020 Georgienstinian Congressional Election
GriffasusFlag.png Griffasus MilitaryInsigniaGriffasus.png Party of The All Unions Unknown
Flag of the Gymnasium State.svg Gymnasium SL logo 3.png Sociální Liberálové January 2021 Gymnasium Presidential election
Matachewanian Grand Flag.png Matachewan Labour Party Matachewan.jpg Labour Party of Matachewan Unknown
Misberia Flag.png Misberia 200x200px Eleyimok Yuniyon Kuttayimuwuw

(Cultural Union Party)

Greater Songo Election of December 2020
New Monmarkian Imperial Standard.png Monmark Noflag.png Social Royalist Party Unknown
Flag of New Virginia.png New Virginia FDP Transparent.png Free Democratic Party 2020 New Virginian general election
Flag of Paloma (2020 Redesign).svg Paloma Communist Party of Paloma Badge.svg Communist Party of Paloma Unknown
Flag of Ponderosa Hills.svg Ponderosa Hills GPPH Logo.png Green Party of Ponderosa Hills 2020 Ponderosan presidential election
Pontuniaflag.png Pontunia Noflag.png Coalition of National Unity
Flag of Snagov.svg Snagov CNS logo.png Snagovian National Congress December 2020 Snagovian general election
Tesforia Flag.png Tesforia Noflag.png Social Liberation Party Unknown
Flag of Vishwamitra.svg Vishwamitra National People's Congress - Logo New.png National People's Congress 2020 Vishwamitran general elections
Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg Wegmat Wegcoato.jpeg Founders Party 2020 Weg general election
Flag of Wendatia.png Wendatia DPW logo.png Democratic Party of Wendatia January 2021 Wendatian general elections
WRC Flag.png West River WR Greens (transparent).png West River Greens October 2020 West River general election
Flag of Wynnland.png Wynnland Noflag.png Federalist Party Unknown