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yes I stole User:Femboy big chungus's header don't tell me about it

aye, im Jonas Rhymer, president of Wendatia. I am the biggest pile of crap you will ever meet on the internet. In fact, I found the letter R funny for 3 days.

General Info:

Discord: WeaponizingArchitecture #6182


Flag of Wendatia.png This user is the 4th President of Wendatia.
PRPH flag.svg This user is a citizen of Ponderosa Hills.
GriffasusFlag.png This user is a citizen of Griffasus.
Anti ncommintern micronational pact logo.png This user was a former member of the MACP
Antifurry.png This user hates furries.
funny This user is funny because they like to irrelevantly say funny words such as "penis."
Sunglasses emoji.png This user is epic.
Pink flag.png This user is a Social Democrat
Bi flag.svg Oh God Oh Bruh! this user may or may not be bi please don't tell my mom pwease
Zed in August 2020, upscaled.jpg This user thinks that Zarel Smith is stupid
KTIOfficial2020.jpeg This user thinks that Thomas Bainbridge is stupid
theft This user thinks he is good at wiki text, but in reality does minor edits/copy edits

Images I made

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Micronational Conventions

Red means conventions I have gone to. Yellow means conventions I am planning on going to

Things I am interested in

  • History
  • Politics (I know it's a hellhole in the United States.)

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