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Flags and portraits for HOI4 mod i'm working on

To Do list for Cameron I (developer)

Work on portraits for Communist, Fascist, and Democratic Parties of micronations
Setup OOBs for said micronations (except Ikonia)

Micronations in progress

United Kingdoms of Millania and New Granada

Flags of Ikonia

Flag Ideology
Flag of Ikonia (Pantone).svg Non-Aligned
Flag of Ikonia (fascism hoi4).svg Fascism
Flag of Ikonia (communism hoi4).svg Communism
Flag of Ikonia (democratic hoi4).svg Democratic


Portrait Who is this Ideology
CameronI-OfficialPortrait.png Cameron I of Ikonia Non-Aligned
AaronGreen.jpg Aaron Green Non-Aligned, Fascism, Democratic
FullSizeR.jpg Jenna Hewitt Communism


Add requests for micronations here. Feel free to add yourself.

Flags of the Great Lawl Reich

Flag Ideology
New Great Lawl Reich Flag.png Non-Aligned
HOI4 GLR Fascism.png Fascism
HOI4 GLR Communism.png Communism
New Great Lawl Reich Flag.png Democratic

Portraits of the Great Lawl Reich

Portrait Who is this Ideology
Current Tsar.jpeg Tsar Stefan I of the Great Lawl Reich Non-Aligned, Fascist, Communist, Democratic

Flags of the Aarianian Union of North America

Flag Ideology
Aariania Flag.png Non-Aligned
(9) Dolkybia Flag2.jpg Fascism
Communist Aariania Flag.png Communism
Copy of Aarianian Flag; Muscadine Banner.png Democratic

Flags of the Grand Republic of Delvera

Flag Ideology
Flagofdelvera.jpg Non-Aligned
Dagvcrw-ad2fde90-dd6f-48a6-98e7-f980236e1be4.png Fascism
Delveracommunist.png Communism
Unificationflag.png Democratic


Portrait Who is this Ideology
Caseypemberton.png Casey Pemberton Non-Aligned
William Hartman-Peters 2010.png William Hartmann-Peters Fascism
Marx 2015.jpg Joseph Marx Communism
MichaelHolloway.png Michael Holloway Democratic

Flags of Gradonia

Flag Ideology
Nagradonia.svg Non-Aligned
Fgradonia.svg Fascism
Cmgradonia.svg Communism
Dgradonia.svg Democratic

Flags of Gymnasium State

Flag Ideology
Flag of the Imperium.png Non-Alligned
GymnasiumHOI4Fascist.png Fascist
SSG flag original.png Communist
Gymnasium flag standartized.png Democratic

Flags of New Eiffel

Flag Ideology
Flag of New Eiffel.svg Non-Alligned
Will be added soon Fascist
Communist Flag of New Eiffel.jpeg Communist
New Eiffel Democratic Flag.jpeg Democratic

Flags of Mahuset

Flag Ideology
Kingdom of Mahuset Flag.png Non-Alligned
FascesPinkUnity.png Fascist
CommieHuset.png Communist
Confederate Mahusetan Flag.svg Democratic

please have it start as democratic

Flags of Arkonia(Empire of)

Flag Ideology
Arkonia New.svg Non-Alligned
NationalArkonia.svg Fascist
CommunistArkonia.svg Communist
Arkonia New.svg Democratic