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I’ll just leave this here.

Additional flag icons

Damn it, why that flaggies are still the same...

  • {{Flag|Belgium|civil}} =  Belgium
  • {{Flag|Belgium|2:1}} =  Belgium
  • {{Flag|Estonia|navy}} =  Estonia
  • {{Flag|Russia|soviet}} =  Russia
  • {{Flag|Russia|1991}} =  Russia
  • {{Flag|Russia|navy}} =  Russia
  • {{Flag|Serbia|popular}} =  Serbia

...while that flaggies have changed?

Hmmmm.... what's wrong?

Ship infobox

Wikipedians! Why they use that clusterhellish moonscripts? They are working as best copyrights on the whole planet and best protection from idiots like me! I want to import their ship infobox, and it feels like i should dance with tambourine and call the devil to do it properly.

Well, let's see local analogue of infobox.

Meme Dank Ship
Republic of Kekistan's Meme Dank Ship flag Republic of Kekistan
Ship's Name Danktanic
Year built 15.85.750 BC
Builder unknown
Commissioned unknown
Fate Collapsed with Trump. Sank.
74.16.2154 AD

*a few moments later*

Nope, it's awful.

And module failed.

It's not pleasant but it looks like i should import and reedit the classic infobox i have.

New thing

MLG "Danktanic"
Danktanic at sea. OVER9000 years before Trump.
Kekistan-is-real.png Republic of Kekistan
Name Danktanic
Registry Kekistan-is-real.png Kekstantinople
Route Londonistan - Nazi Germany
Fate Collided with Trump. Sank.
Status Dank ship
Decks OVER9000
Power 3 steam dank engines
Speed 1488 kn.