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Hai! My name is Radia I, president of Humanytaria!

President of Humanytaria Assumed office:
May 2nd 2015
Preceded by: Office established
Succeeded by: Incumbent
Editor-in-chief of Ganstijden
Assumed office:
July 2015
Preceded by: Position Established
Succeeded by: -

If you need me for whatever reason, drop me a message in my talk section and I will be with you shortly. I believe in Socialist reform and some aspects of libertarianism, however I do not support political extremism, meaning that I despise some forms of communism including:

  • Stalinism

And elsewhere:

  • National Communism

If YOUR micronation is NOT one of those, I'm happy to help. Still, if it is, feel free to ask me anything!

Below are some userboxes! Feel free to use them if you wish!


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Office of the presidency.png The Republic of Humanytaria, Presidents office.
L19 This user is obsessed with L19.
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