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Awards and decorations of Überstadt are the civilian and military awards of the Kingdom of Überstadt. The system of awards has evolved since it was established under the kritarchy, today taking the form of a system of orders of chivalry, civilian and military valor awards, and recognition of long-term service. Only the Monarch may bestow the awards and honors enumerated in the constitution, although Parliament has the right to institute its own independent decorations.

Orders of chivalry

There are three Überstadti orders of chivalry. The highest in precedence is the Order of the Fir, which is awarded purely according to the Monarch's pleasure. The other orders recognize significant contributions to the Überstadti state and its interests, with the Order of the Seagull being awarded to Überstadtis and the Order of the Hawk being awarded to foreigners. The Monarch is the sovereign of all three orders.

Order of the Fir

The Order of the Fir has not yet been awarded to any person. All members of this order, apart from the sovereign, hold the rank of Knight or Dame, with the postnominal letters KOF or DOF. The insignia of the Order of the Fir is a sprig of Douglas fir with a blue ribbon tied around it. Members may also wear a green sash.

Most Excellent Order of the Seagull

Most Noble Order of the Hawk