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Faltrian Collapse
Date8 May 2022 - Present
Result Ongoing
Faltreeflag.png Faltrian Interim Government
Faltree2021.png Successional State of Faltree Newfaltree2021.png Faltrian Republican Army
Supported by:
Flag-of-the-Reunited-Ocean-States-Official.svg Reunited Ocean States
Kanwien.png Liga Kanwyjska Aleunnicflag.svg 2nd Aleunnic Empire
Commanders and leaders
Faltreeflag.png A.Y
Faltreeflag.png Daniel Quintero
Faltree2021.png Connor Shaw Newfaltree2021.png Jaime P. III
Newfaltree2021.png Isaac J. White
Newfaltree2021.png Andrew Perdomo
Kanwien.png Matthew
Kanwien.png Matt Laptev
Aleunnicflag.svg Anthony G.

The Faltrian Civil War is an ongoing civil conflict in the former State of Faltree. The conflict began with the death of Hunt Powell and the ensuing succession crisis.