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The peerage of Esse is the legal system of lifetime titles and noble ranks in the Confederation of Esse. As Esse is a non-hereditary monarchy, members of the royal family are not entitled to peerage by virtue of their relation to the Essian Monarchy.

Peerages were first conceived in Esse in 2017, though the current system of peerage was established in the 2020 Constitution for the Confederation upon joining the Uber-Essian Union.


Current peers

Count, Countess, and Earl

Seal Grantee Granted Title Monarch
New esse coa.png James Reginald Frisch 19 June 2021 SBRflag.svg/New esse flag.png Count James Reginald Frisch Patrick
New esse coa.png Newton von Uberquie 19 June 2021 Kingdom of Uberquiesenberg.png Earl Newton von Uberquie Patrick