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Grand Prince of
The Kingdom of Falcar and the Rottnest
Grand Prince Louis

since 1 January 2015
AppointerThe Monarch of Falcar
Term lengthUntil the death or abdication of the Monarch; unless otherwise removed by the Monarch or succeeded by a first born child.
Formation1 January 2015
SalaryUnpaid position

The Grand Prince of Falcar (Falcarian: grisav hakeresus, pronounced: [gɹis'æv hæ'ke'ɹesʌs] lit. "grand little ruler") is the heir apparent or presumptive to the role of head of State of the Kingdom of Falcar. The current Grand Prince is Louis, the younger brother of the monarch.

Although the constitution of Falcar states the son of the monarch is the Grand Prince, it also allows provisions for the monarch to elect another person to the position when the monarch does not have children or finds those children unable or unwilling to perform their duty. The position of Grand Prince is not in anyway funded by the kingdom or revenue generated by the Bank of Falcar and the Rottnest. Although he may be entitled to money within Royal coffers, no request has been made to do so.

As the monarch is yet to have a child, the line of succession goes up to the monarchs' father and down to the next child, who is currently the younger brother of the monarch.

In the event that the Grand Prince is a female, the title is changed to Grand Princess in English, whilst the Falcarian definition is unchanged as it is grammatically genderless.

--Toddlomas (talk)
Monarch of The Kingdom of Falcar