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Inner Falcar
Outer Falcar
Crown Lands of Falcar

WestDianne.jpg The former flag of West Dianne (2012-2015) remains the flag of Inner and Outer Falcar.Monogramfalcar.jpg

True Falcar (2017 - Current)
(none) (2015-2017)
Adelaide, Australia
Capital city Hawkepool
Demonym True Falcarians
Diannes (archaic)
Government Duchy of Turto (2012 - 2015)
Falcarian Crown Land (2015 - Current)
- Governor-General Todd Leon As Monarch
National dish (none)
National animal Adelaide Rosella

Inner and Outer Falcar, officially chartered as The Territories of Outer and Inner Falcar are a combined territory comprised of the former Turtonian states of West Dianne, East Dianne, Phillip and Capital State. During the Kingdom of Jennings, the Entire Turtonian State and during the founding years of Falcar Inner and Outer Falcar hosted the capital city of the nation, Hawkepool.

—  Crown Land of Falcar  —
collage of places within Arbonia
The Crown Lands of Arbonia
(top) Skyline, (bottom left) Palm gardens within the relocated Royal Botanical Society of Falcar, (bottom right) map of Arbonia highlighting the city of Sunin
flag Arbonia does not have a unique flag
shield of Falcar
Coat of arms
Motto: Life grows from soil (English)
Inosemortà berak dët (Falcarian)
Part of Falcar
Macronation Australia
Largest City Sunin
State Emblems Sulphur cockatoo (fauna)
Red Ironbark Tree (flora)
Lilly Pilly Fruit (dish)
Founded 1 Dec 2017
Founder Todd Leon & Sir Henry Rudd
Founding Document Proclamation Act (Hinlenat Sivil) 2017
Arbonia is a Crown Land of Falcar
 - Monarch Todd Leon
 - Total 0.639 km2 (0.2 sq mi)
 - Land 0.611 km2 (0.2 sq mi)
 - Water 0.028 km2 (0 sq mi)  4.38%
Elevation 16.3 m (53 ft)
Population (as of 2017)
Whole population are active citizens
 - Total 3
 - Density 3/km2 (7.8/sq mi)
  2017 National Census
Demonym Arbonians
Time zone Australian Central Standard Time (w:UTC+09.30)
 - Summer (DST) Australian Central Daylight Time (UTC+10.30)
Postbox Number 05
Area Code +6141 (AUS)