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 The Wuffik republic is a nation located inside of the united states of america. founded in 2017 by chairman Christian Bradshaw and formally lead by him and his cat named Wuffy it is located in a house in a steel town in Pennsylvania named Sharon. it has a currency of fruit loops and the national animal is a chimeran cat. a half orange half black faced cat, just like wuffy.

Flag of wuffistan.jpeg

how it was founded

The Wuffik republic was founded after the Fluffik victory in the ''Fluffik-Dogistani war but it remains peacefully to this date. they are open to all people to become allies and wish to remain peaceful for now. they established themselves after the war by taking all the land they needed making a flag, capital and military. their capital Wuffistanople is the largest city. its the most technologically advanced city in the Wuffik republic consisting of a 55 inch flat screen t.v, and xbox one and a xbox 360. though not the strongest the military consists of 2 men with airsoft guns and rubber bands.