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The United Phoenix Empire of Haskaria
National flag
20200730 172422.jpg
capital city: Jiyuu village of the Haskaria province
official languages: English and Haskarian (kasukariki)
major religions: mostly Christian with few atheists

The Haskarian empire(aka the United Phoenix Empire of Haskaria) was founded on May 6th, 2016 by Vincent Paul starting out as a small self-reliance militia. It grew from 3 people to fifteen in 3 months and they decided to fight for a kingdom that cared for them rather than money


After the fall of the militia that was named the North American Continental militia, the former members came together to form a new country, if the country they fought for ridiculed and blocked the people fighting for them then we must leave and form a system that cares for its citizens and not the amount it can ring out of them. In late 2019 the Constitution was drafted and on the 3rd Annual independence day, the country came together in one celebration to pass the Constitution into law. Since then haskaria has been on the uptick in momentum. What will the future hold?


The government is called a councilistic monarchy, and its run by an elder council

The haskarian elder council

House of royals senate House of commons High courts
Emperor + head advisor 5 senators 10 commans 10 Royal judges
The ministries Prime minister Head councilor 5 provisional judges
Provensional managers 1 judge per a city

Climate & Geography

The climate of haskaria is an American mid-Western climate. It sometimes has cold winters and hot summers pretty temperate


The culture is based on anti-war and true peace, honor, liberty, self-respect, respect of others, loyalty, and courage. Our military and architecture will be structured from ancient Chinese and Japanese design as well as Romans and nordic. Lower education and trades will be free, and college will be zero tuition schools, supplies and equipment will be bought by the students. Food is a mix of the above ancient cultures.