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This is for the containment of information regarding the ongoing revamping of the Micropages Project. Please do not edit without permission from Suzuki.

Flag Micronation Primary Macronation Stance Foundation Capital Population Website (If available) Leader(s)
Abeldane flag.jpg Abeldane Empire and the Commonwealth United Arab Emirates; United States secessionist 6 Jun 2014 Pleston; Alexton 69 Fraeyth, Stephen
Aiguesmortes.png Aigues-Mortes, Principality of France secessionist 21 Jun 2010 Aigues-Mortes 379 Quatre, Jean-Pierre
AynvaulImperialFlag.png Aynvaul Imperial Government United States secessionist 27 Feb 2012 Ainnegi 10 Gray, Gordon
BEflag.png Beacon City and its Associated Dominions and Wards, Principality of United Kingdom simulationist 14 Jan 2012 Beacon City Frisch, James
Sunþrawegaz Flag.png Sunþrawegaz Kuningadōmas United States simulationist 9 Aug 2017 Habnō 0 Suzuki Leōcor