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Northern Motorway

Territorial authority Location Exit number
(since 2013)
exit number
(to 2013)
Destinations Notes
Ackland District Rockport 873 A1 Sirocco.png A1 Portage RoadRockport, Port Ackland, Ballmore, Shelly Bay
PH17 Sirocco.png PH17 Rockport HighwayVista Cliffs, Ballmore
Rockport Bridge
Alston City Islington 804 PH16 Sirocco.png PH16 Islington RoadIslington, Snell Cliffs
Hilly Gully 773 Residential access
North Alston 750 122 PH20 Sirocco.png M20 Western MotorwayMaran District, Kingdom Bay
743 115 North Alston Road — Islington, Snell Cliffs Beginning of concrete surface
740 112 North Alston Postal Centre
721 93 Residential access Southbound entrance and exit only
717 89 North Alston Service Centre Northbound entrance and exit only
Belmont 688 60 Residential access
686 58 Residential access
682 54A/B Bridge Street — Gardenia
A2 Sirocco.png A2 Matauri Road — Belmont, Matauri End of concrete surface
680 52 PH15 Sirocco.png PH15 Ronda Street — Gardenia, Tent Pegs Southbound entrance and exit only
Exit previously known as Rhonda Street until 23 February 2013
Gardenia 673 45 Hereford Street — Gardenia Southbound exit only
Alston 669 41 A1 Sirocco.png A1 Hibiscus Street — Tara Corner, Tent Pegs, Gate Park
A2 Sirocco.png A2 Commonwealth Avenue — City Centre, Matauri

Southern Motorway

Territorial authority Location Exit number Destinations Notes
(New Zealand)
612 A1 Sirocco.png A1 Terry StreetAlston
Farm Lane
601 Zeus Road
598 Residential access
571 Residential access
539 M1 Sirocco.png M1 Glorious HighwayMaran District, Kingdom Bay
PH20 Sirocco.png M20 Western MotorwayNorth Alston

Western Motorway

Territorial authority Location Exit number Destinations Notes
Alston City North Alston 115 M1 Sirocco.png M1 Northern Motorway — Islington, Ackland District, Rockport, Port Ackland, Ballmore, Shelly Bay
M1 Sirocco.png M1 Northern MotorwayAlston
103 Residential access
72 Residential access
(New Zealand)
40 Residential access
31 Residential access
25 C21 Mill Road
1 M1 Sirocco.png M1 Southern MotorwayGate Park, Alston
M1 Sirocco.png M1 Glorious HighwayMaran District, Kingdom Bay


"Banthings" is the humourous name given to the collective ability of the MicroWiki administrators to delete pages, block users and otherwise manage the day-to-day affairs of the site. The term also extends to micronational Skype rooms such as the Micropolitan and the ability of room administrators there. The notion of "Banthings" was first coined by Daniel Anderson in 2011. All "Banthings" are named for the item they are, preceded by the word "Ban".

List of Banthings

The following is a list of metaphorical utensils for banning associated with current and former MicroWiki staff.

Daniel Anderson's Bantram.

And again.
Banthing Administrator Description
Banmedals Alexander Reinhardt (Cajak) Although mentioned rarely, Reinhardt's administrator abilities are referred to as the "Banmedals", a nod to his affiliation with military regalia and medals.
Banspatula Billy Neil (Billyneil) The Banspatula is an extremely strong spatula created jokingly by Neil in a micronational Skype room in 2011.
Bantram Daniel Anderson (SiroccanGov) The Bantram is a tramcar modelled on trams that once served the city of Auckland, New Zealand from 1902 to 1956. The Bantram is indestructible despite its wooden build and is capable of easily protecting whoever rides inside, and when not in use is stored in a tram barn (often called the "Depot", because according to Anderson "all trams must be stored in a depot"). It is the most well-known Banthing in the community, and comes with an array of weaponry suitable for banning or destructive purposes. While usually run on rails with power drawn from overhead lines, the Bantram is capable of running without rails and on any fuel that comes to hand.
Banwurst Sebastian Linden (Sebastian Linden) The Banwurst is the most versatile sausage in the history of sausage. To Him who wields it, the Mighty Freducator, it is the nourishment and sustenance of a lifetime, but to him who angers the Freducator, it is the instrument of suffering which by his epitaph shall be remembered. The Banwurst's awe-inspiring heat and spice will cause any troll's eyes to turn a crispy golden-brown at a range of up to 700 meters. In addition to this, the Banwurst is said to be sentient.
BanLASER Jacob Tierney (Jacob Tierney) The BanLASER is a nuclear powered Class V LASER, whose sole use is the complete erasure of the foolish and the villainous. With the judicious wielding hands of Dr. Tierney, it is known for suddenly and mercilessly incinerating those who would be a nuisance. Fully tunable, the beam is always of incredible power, though it may be any colour.

Given this incredible versatility, between battles it is often used by its owner for psychedelic light shows, or for etching the words "Consider this a warning" into the corneas of those who might soon find themselves of the end of a traumatic vaporising.

List of Prime Ministers of Zealandia

Kingdom of Zealandia

No. Portrait Name
(Seat, term)
Term start Term end Party
1 Rt.Hon Robert Kennedy.jpg Robert Kennedy 1 March 2010 12 October 2010 Social Democratic Party
2 Mark fowler in an alpine setting.jpg Mark Bobssen 12 October 2010 27 December 2010 National Peoples Party