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Diplomatic relations of the Principality of Posaf are controlled and managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From the early days of establishment, diplomacy has been considered important in Posaf and it has grown its diplomatic presence relatively quickly from early 2018 to Prince and Minister Nicholas Randouler's passing in June 2020, becoming a founding member of the United Micropact and the Micronational Olympic Federation, and played a crucial role in the GUM and its Sister Cities program. Posaf was also the central power of the Cincinnati Pact, an intermicronational organization of 4 micronations located in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. Posaf maintains formal relations with 20 nations, and is a full member of the MOF and the GUM.

Posaf is not recognized as a sovereign state or entity by any macronation, but more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers. Posaf was ranked 22nd in Statistic-Dime's Micronational Popularity Index in 2019 and 10th in the Nineteenth MicroWiki Influence Survey in 2020.

Embassies and relations

Foreign relations and affairs are run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Posaf maintains multiple diplomatic missions or embassies in other micronations. Currently, there are three and the first is located in Kingston Ontario, Canada. This embassy is run by Austin Jaax and also serves as the embassy to The Iustus Republic. The second one is in Cincinnati, Ohio USA run by Rose Danen. Lastly, the third one is located in Baghdad, Iraq run by Mohammed Mahomed. There is one embassy project opening in Hong Kong run by Millania that will open in the latter part of 2018.

The foreign relations are run by the Ministry of Communications, through the Parliament. When the process of beginning or ending diplomatic relations the bill or recognition will be passed through the House of Commons and House of Lords then the Monarch to sign to approve. This plan was put into place after Posaf dropped ties with the Principality of Andany. Before the process, the Ministry of Communications has to follow the foreign policy set up by the government and could establish ties with anyone.

Along with embassies in other micronations, Posaf is home to other micronations as well. In Mae, Indian Woods there is the Austin Embassy to the United States, which serves as an embassy to Posaf too. Also in Mae, the Millanian Embassy to the United States is located there and acts as the embassy to Posaf as well.

Micronational Affairs

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Macronational Affairs

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