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2020 Al-Wiki insurgency
Part of the War on Terror
The Gulf War.jpg
Battle of the Server Farm, c. 2020
Status Ongoing
Gymnasium State (orthographic projection).png
Location of the battle within the Czech Republic
Al-Wiki.png Al-Wiki
Flag of the terrorist Kapreburg flag.svg Jack Allahbar and Levant[a]
MWlogo.png Coalition Forces Flag of Wadiya.svg Wadiya
Commanders and leaders
Al-Wiki.png Daniel al-Rasheed
Al-Wiki.png Casper al-Naveria Executed
Al-Wiki.png Zarel Ahl al-Hsed
Al-Wiki.png Sertor ibn Valentinus
Al-Wiki.png Bashar-Al-Jennings
Flag of the terrorist Kapreburg flag.svg Jihadi Jack[a]
Flag of Sealand.svg Michael I
Flag of Molossia.svg Kevin Baugh
Hutt River Flag.svg Graeme I  Surrendered
Flag of Austenasia.png Jonathan I
Flag of Wadiya.svg Haffaz Aladeen
Flag of Wadiya.svg Tamir Aladeen†
Units involved
Al-Wiki.png Al-Wiki Insurgents Flag of Molossia.svg Molossian Navy
Flag of Austenasia.png Austenasian Armed Forces
Hutt River Flag.svg Hutt River Defence Forces
Flag of Wadiya.svg Wadiyan Liberation Army
3,000 - 5,000 10 - 40 7,000 - 10,000

The 2020 Al-Wiki Insurgency was an insurgent campaign within the Czech Republic intended to destroy MicroWiki.



The flag of Al-Wiki.

Al-Wiki is a terrorist organization founded by Daniel al-Rasheed and Sertor ibn Valentinus in 2021. According to Daniel the goal of Al-Wiki is to "make every article a GA and thus cripple the GA economy...destroying MicroWiki". The flag of Al-Wiki depicts the logo of MicroWiki and two lines of Ta'agra text (which translate to "MicroWiki" and "The Free Encyclopædia", respectively) on a black background.


  1. 1.0 1.1 In a blurry videotape released by Coalitian officials, it was revealed that Al-Wiki solely let Morris tag along as they felt sorry for him. He was soon after found abandoned on the desert, likely due to pecking Zarel Ahl al-Hseds head too much.