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Woking, United Kingdom
Official language(s) English
Religion Christianity
Demonym Lathanian
Established 2019
Area claimed 50,000m²
Population 30 (as of 2019 census)
Currency NanoCoin
Time zone (UTC)
Member of The Micronation Union of England

hail scottvia land of the free to prosper o scottvia land is wealthy o kingdom come god is our foundation

o worry not scottvia you are in safe hands



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ORIGIN[edit | edit source]

scottvia was formed by noah schollick and lathinie. scottvia has very close relations with the MUE'. it was formed with LATHANIAN article 5 laws. the language spoken in scottvia is English and identity is ""scottvian"" 2 official residents are living there according to the LATHANIAN ITELLIGENCE FORCE.


scottvia signed a deal with lathinie that they would be allies and no minor rift should take place otherwise lathinie would deal with it in an all out aggressive form. scottvia is in the MUE. and allied with lathinie and UCLEA and frazzland .

MILLATRY[edit | edit source]

SCOTTVIA IS CONTINUING Talks with the MUE and lathinie with weapons. scottvia is only armed with melee weapons.. the amout of troops are 2 reserves and 1 active personell. no other has been discovered or in scottvian record. its millaty is small but strong.

SCMMC[edit | edit source]

the melee commandos is a infantry special forces. hey are strong with 2 active personell and 1 reserves.

S.C.S.M (scottvian counter strike millatry)[edit | edit source]

Lathinie has funded SCSM and asked if they would link in with C.T.O.S.F.L of lathinie.

SCSM HAS bee in no operation yet, but it is operative and running and funded by lathinie. it HAS been in no major wars with anyone but has been on minor operations. as listed: proclamation of s.e green, claiming west end territory and war of green pond.

nuclear program[edit | edit source]

the nuclear program of scottvia is ran by the air force general Fredrick wright