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== The 2,060 Km2 (795 square mile) Bir Tawil region of Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt has been classified terra nullis since 1902 when current national boundaries were drawn between Egypt and Sudan.The century long border dispute between Egypt and Sudan left the Bir Tawil Region as the only unclaimed land on Earth outside of Antarctica. Seeking to build a new, ecologically sustainable Nation, Dr. R. Shukla undertook an expedition to the Bir Tawil region so that an official sovereign claim could be made in compliance with International Law. On February 15, 2014, Dr. R. Shukla planted the official national flag of the "State Of Brahmand" in the newly established Capital of Bir Tawil, "State Of Brahmand".

"State Of Brahmand" is established as a monarchy with Dr. R. Shukla serving as head of government.