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Valtirian Socialist Party
sosiadegaki valtirin
Leader Apollo Cerwyn
Deputy Hierba Kebragi
Slogan kesiras tebunar
Founded 6 November 2017
Preceded by Left Alliance (R)
National Artists' Guild (N)
Headquarters R. Kortina 100
Darmosari, Alios
Ideology Statism
Civic nationalism
Direct democracy
Affirmative action
Political position Centre-left to left-wing
Official colors      Pink
10 / 20
4 / 5
United Assembly
16 / 25
Election symbol
N electoral symbol.png

The Valtirian Socialist Party (Valtirian: sosiadegaki valtirin; see name), often referred to by its simple name, Socialist Party, is a statist and nationalist political party in Sabia and Verona and one of the two active parties in the Kingdom, alongside the Liberals. It was founded in 2017 as a merger between the Left Alliance and the National Artists' Guild.

Its current leader is former Left Alliance leader Apollo Cerwyn.


The Sabian name of the party is asradaniná – geñaki, commonly translated as "The Radicals – People's Party". Geñaki, however, can also be translated as "community" (the word is itself a compound of genn, people, and gaki, group). The term "radical" is a literal translation of asradan, which means "ideologue of the root" (from asra, root).