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Sato Prefecture
vaonakurói satonn
suiari batoná
(Sabian: "Fountain of the South")
STO-SiV location.png
Location of Sato in Sabia and Verona
Country Sabia and Verona
Region Gonn
Government Prefecture in a region
- Prefect Adelaide Fodness (C)
Languages Sabian
Establishment 2015
Population 9 (2018)
Time zone UTC-3:00

The Sato Prefecture (Sabian: vaonakurói satonn) is one of the three prefectures in the Gonn region of Sabia and Verona. It is the smallest city in the region by population and the second smallest prefecture by territory. Sato borders Kotavari and Monesari to the South and Argentina to the North, East and West.

Sato is home to important energy and water resources that serve all of the Southern Territories; thus, though geographically the most isolated of Gonn's prefectures, it is vital to the survival of the Kingdom.