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Principality Of Pebble Island

Pebble Island (Commonly know Prinicpality Of Pebble Island) was created in February 16, 2019 as a independent nation. It’s goverment is Democratic and is made up of 4 provinces.The provinces consist of... •Metropolitan Capital District •Province Of Aoji •Province Of Haven •Province Of New Cocoa The capital of Pebble Island is Safed located in the Capital district. The people in Pebble Island are happy and friendly and some famous tourist attractions are the Egg Island Lighthouse located in New Haven,Pebble Island.Finnly The whole country of Pebble Island is located in the Hudson River On A Island that is unnamed in the weehawken cove. The island of Pebble Island includes a smaller island only 50 feet away called Egg Island which is in the territorial waters of Pebble Island.The Prme Minister of Pebble Island is James Montgomery.