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Central Minecraft Region
Regional emblem

Always Minecraft.
A region in the
Fraughtian Community.
Capital cityCMR Isles (de-facto)
Official language(s)English
Short nameCMR
DemonymNone Official
CMRian (Most Common)
GovernmentDemocratic Consul
- Regional LeaderFraughtMovie
PopulationRanked 1st
250 (2019 Q1 est.)
CurrencyFraughtian Sol
Time zoneNone official

CMR Website

Central Minecraft Region
—  Region  —

Anthem: New Light
Micronation Fraughtian Community
Created 4/8/16
Incorporated (Region) 11/3/18
Founder Jack Declan

The Central Minecraft Region, also known as CMR, is the largest and capital Fraughtian Region of the Fraughtian Community. It shares many similarities with the Java Minecraft Region, both cultural and political. The region has population of about 250 members. The CMR has 1 official realm, which acts as the de-facto capital in-game. The region does not contain any further subdivisions whithin itself.

The CMR was founded on the 4 August 2016, by Packerfan Gamer, and was annexed into the Fraughtian Community as a Fraughtian region on the 10 March 2018 when Jack Declan approved the Packer Plan. The CMR has served as the capital of the Fraughtian Community since mid-2018. The region has the highest use of the Fraughtian Sol, the official currency in the Fraughtian Community. Several businesses are in the region, including FraughtMovie Networks and Packerfan Studios.

The Central Minecraft Region has the highest number of realms operating within its borders. Those realms are CMR Isles, Gnosticraft, and Stardust Enders. The region will host the 2019 Fraughtia Games in February 2019.


The name Minecraft Central originates from the idea that the server was going to be the central hub for all Minecraft activities. When it came time to naming the new region, FraughtMovie changed the name to better fit with the naming conventions of other Fraughtian Regions at the time. There were several names chosen, but Central Minecraft Region won out over the others. The official abbreviation is CMR.


Main Article: History of the Central Minecraft Region

2016 - 2017

The original emblem for Minecraft Central.

The Central Minecraft Region was originally a small minecraft server, with the name Minecraft Central. The server was officially founded on the 4 August 2018, by Jack Declan, known as Packerfan Gamer. It was created as a result of Jack being banned from another larger Minecraft community, MCPE Multiplayer. UNP-17 finds the server, and after negotiations with Jack, decides to merge his own Minecraft server with Minecraft Central. This made UNP-17 the first member of staff, aside from Jack. Not long after, 2 members join the server, with the names of Chliu1855 and Jeo188. They are very active and support the growing community. These two members got upgraded to staff after seeing their activity. Sometime later, a new member joined, with the name of Candy Cane. This person is seen as trustworthy by the CMR Staff and gets promoted to Staff. Candy Cane didn't take the role responsibility, however. She started to try to ban everyone from the still growing server. Jack finds out about Candy Cane's plan and bans her from the server.

2 shady members, with the names of Lopho and Paul (Paulo2Gamer), join Minecraft Central. They started to raid the server with mass-messages. They were quickly banned as a result. After a short intel report on the perpetrators, they were discovered to come from MCPE Multiplayer, Minecraft Central's main rival. Around this time, the Minecraft Central Staff Team was requesting that Jack get the DynoBot. After some time, he finally got the bot. It proved useful in preventing Minecraft Central from attacks.

In December 2017, Brody Keller comes to Minecraft Central requesting annexation into the Xbox 360 Region of the Fraughtian Community. Jack declines the offer. He asks FraughtMovie about the annexation. FraughtMovie said that they didn't have to be annexed, but offered mutual recognition. Jack accepted the offer and Minecraft Central was now recognized by the Community. An embassy was built in Minecraft Central for any Fraughtians residing there.

2018 - Present

In March 2018, FraughtMovie discusses the Packer Plan. The plan was for Minecraft Central to be annexed into the Community as the primary Minecraft Region. Jack agreed to the offer, and Minecraft Central was fully annexed into the community, with the name Central Minecraft Region. In June, the Meltdown Crisis occurred. This caused the Packerfan Scandal in which he was removed from office of regional leader. Seeing there was no leader, FraughtMovie set up an election in the CMR, which was called Decision 2018. Marbal, of the MerMan Party won and was given the title of regional leader. In August, Marbal made Garrison (the leader-pro tempore at the time) the official leader while he could not be able to lead. This caused FraughtMovie to get leadership, with acceptance of Marbal. In September, during the controlled collapse of 2018, FraughtMovie and Brody switched leadership roles (FraughtMovie getting JMR, with Brody getting CMR). When Brody resigned as leader, FraughtMovie regained leadership of the CMR. Once FraughtMovie created the Patreon Experience, he set up an official realm for the CMR, which has been the main hub in-game used by the CMR.

Politics and Government

The CMR adapted to using the Fraughtian Political system after being annexed as a full region.

Decision 2018

Decision 2018 was an election for regional leader in the Central Minecraft Region. 3 candidates ran for the election, Marbal of the MerMan Party, Garrision of the Fraughtian Progressive Party (FPP), and Jakubdot of the Packer Party. The MerMan Party won with 45% of the total votes, with the FPP getting 41%, and the Packer Party getting only 14%. Marbal became the CMR Leader on 15 July 2018.


Population Growth of the CMR
March 201875
April 201879
May 201889
June 2018108
July 2018133
August 2018161
September 2018173
October 2018180
November 2018191
December 2018200
January 2019225

The current population is estimated to be around 225 members.



Symbol of the Fraughtian Currency, the Sol

The Central Minecraft Region has the largest regional economy in the Fraughtian Community. The region is a center for businesses, with several of the Fraughtian Community's largest businesses are located in the CMR, including FraughtMovie Networks and Packerfan Studios.


The Central Minecraft Region has no official demonym, but a variety of unofficial ones exist. The CMR's culture is derived from traditional Fraughtian culture, but with significant differences. The region hosts several realms for members to use. Only one of these is official, however, and it is CMR Isles. Members can advertise their own realms in the CMR, which sets it apart from most other Minecraft communities.


1 January - New Years Day

4 August - Packerfan Day

31 October - Halloween

25 December - Christmas Day


The CMR has a rich media landscape. There are a variety of newspapers and youtube channels available to the general public. The CMR Journal, a privately owned newspaper, has been operating in the CMR since 19 November 2018. The CMR Journal covers a variety of topics relating to the Fraughtian Community. The Fraughtian Times is a recently revived newspaper being owned by FraughtMovie.

FraughMovie owns the FraughtMovie Youtube channel, the largest in the region with a little over 260 subscribers. Brody Keller owns the Gaming Goodies channel, which has a subscriber base of 200 members. The PackerFan Gamer youtube channel, owned by Packerfan Gamer, has a subscriber count of 225, and is currently producing content based in the Central Minecraft Region.


In 2019, the CMR is set to host the 2019 Fraughtia Games, becoming the first nation to host the Fraughtia Games. The Deliquesco Stadium is being built by Packerfan Studios for this event.

The CMR is also hosting the White Cap Championship, which is being managed by FraughtMovie Networks.

Neo-colonialist architecture in Punta Alta.



The CMR uses the neo-colonialist architecture, which was developed from the City of Nieve, for all its cities and villages. The same style has been used for 5 years and was originally in the Xbox 360 Region. Several other standard architectural styles exist, but the neo-colonialist style is the most common. Recently, FraughtMovie has been looking to make a 'new' version of the neo-colonialist architecture, and posted some screenshots of his ideas.

Recently, Noskal Borg has been looking to create a standard underground architectural style and guide. FraughtMovie has shown to support it, but no action has been taken on officializing it.


Packerfan Studios is producing several songs in the region, including the regional anthem, New Light. The music industry is almost non-existent in the CMR, as most people listen to music created outside of the region.


The CMR only has one official realm, which is CMR: Isles. The realm is the most popular and active in the region, and is home to several groups of people inside of it. The 3 main groups are: the Windland Empire, Stardust Enders, and the Borglands. Jack Declan on the PackerFan Gamer channel has produced a video series on the realm, and focused inside of the Borglands.

Not every CMR member is required to be in the realm, and as such, it is not representative of the CMR or is the only area of the CMR.

Notable People

  • Jack Declan, founder and former regional leader of the CMR
  • Luclander, founder of the Fraughtian Fortnite Region (defunct)

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