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Glastieve, officially the Democratic Republic of Glastieve is a micronation in Europe. Located in the British Isles, it lies on the edge of the United Kingdom's city of Exeter and stretches from just northeast of Pocombe Bridge (where the Alphin Brook meets the A30) to near Alphington and Marsh Barton in the southeast, where the A380 and the A30 meet.

Archaeological research indicates that Glastieve was near to an established town that traded with Europe as early as 250 BCE. From around 55 CE, the area was controlled by the Roman Empire and was possibly inhabited by the Dumnonii. From around 600 CE to 2017 CE the land was controlled by the Kingdom of England, the Kingdom of Great Britain and the United Kingdom as farmland part of the nearby city of Exeter. In February 2017, an independence movement (called the Glastieve Planning Board) created a Cabinet and a deceleration of independence that was read out on the 23rd February to a meeting of the government, which at the time consisted of eight individuals.

As of March 2017, the country's government consists of nineteen official members, eleven of whom are actively involved with the running of the country (the other eight members are special advisors who assist only their relevant cabinet ministers). The powers of the executive, as defined by the Ministerial Responsibilities Act 2017, are to be exercised by the cabinet, containing six ministers and the leaders of the Supreme Court and Army, and can be exercised by other governmental bodies with the permission of the cabinet, provided either by a codified law or a democratic vote. The nation has no single head of state.