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Republic of Mamucium
Flag of Mamucium.png
Flag of Mamucium
Coats of arms

Territorial claims
Mamucium in Autumn
Capital city Mamuciumemblem.png Mamucium
Official language(s) English
Short name Mamucium
Demonym Mamucian
- Leader Hasan Çakar
Population 1

The Mahusetan Republic of Mamucium is a territory of the Confederation of Mahuset founded on September 22nd 2016. Mamucium is located in Greater Manchester, Northern England.


The Republic of Mamucium was declared by Hasan Çakar on September 22nd 2016, ceceding from the United Kingdom. Mamucium then petitioned to join the Confederation of Mahuset. The United Kingdom neither recognized nor reacted to Mamucium's secession. Mamucium's annexation was unanimously supported by the Lazian Chamber and at 20:00pm (BST), Mamucium became the fourth territory of the Confederation of Mahuset. On October 24 2016, founder Hasan Çakar stepped down as leader of Mamucium and handed over full power to Mahusetan president Emiel Hardy. On 12 May 2017, Hasan Çakar returned as leader of Mamucium.


Mamucium is an enclave of the United Kingdom, bordering a primary school, a council estate and a farm. Mamucium's territory is mostly flat grassland, however there are fully grown blackberry bushes and hawthorn trees near the northern border areas of the territory. Mamucium claims part of a small stream that is on Mamucium's southern border. The stream is a tributary of the River Tame. Mamucium's territory is uninhabited, however it is a commonly used path by dog walkers and there is an occasional police presence near the area.