Karaafsharid Empire

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Karaafsharid Empire
Karaafşar Imparatorluğu

Denizian Flag.jpg
Coat of Arms

Denizian Religious Flag.jpg
Religious Flag

الله أكبر
(God is Great!)
"Deniziyye Marşi"
Capital Qamshariit
Demonym Karaafşarian
Languages Arab, Turkish (Official Languages)
Persian (Court Language)
Official Religion Islam (Sunni)

Government Theocratic Absolute Monarchy
Emperor Şah Deniz Han
Grand Vizier TBD

Legislature Divan-ı Bölgeler

Established 10 January 2015

Population 74

The Karaafsharid Empire (Turkish: Karaafşar Imparatorluğu) was a self-declared independent sovereign state, commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers, claiming lands in Antarctica, Europe and Asia. It was governed as a Federal state as an Theocratic absolute monarchy.

The Empire is a "Fifth World" micronation with a score of 12 under the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System.


Karaafşar was choosen as a name for the State by it's founder Şah Deniz Han. It's based upon the word Kara, Turkish for Black which stands for Bravery and the name Afşar which is the name of one of the Oghuz Turcoman tribes which the Monarch is a member of.


The Karaafsharid Empire was established as a result of multiple nations of the Union of Islamic Micronations bundling their forces together into a single state and Caliphate(Ummah). After ideas were shared between the parties involved, it was universally accepted that Şah Deniz Han would assume leadership as Head of State and that a Grand Vizier (Head of Government) would be elected by the State' legislation.

Collapse of the state

Politics & Government

The state was ruled by an Emperor, who had near absolute power in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial parts of the Government. The Emperor was advised by a council composed of representatives (viziers) from all Beyliks/Emirates which were called the "Divan-ı Bölgeler". Upon request of the Emperor the council may elect a new Grand Vizier (Head Government) to replace the old one.

Divan-ı Bölgeler

Name Nation Role Ethnicity
Şah Deniz Han link={{{2}}} Qamshariit Emperor Turk
None N/A Grand Vizier N/A
Eren Paşa link={{{2}}} Frieden Vizier European
Shady Paşa link={{{2}}} Adjistan Vizier Egyptian
Kaab Paşa link={{{2}}} Kaabistan Vizier Arab
Hasan Paşa link={{{2}}} Hasasnistan Vizier Turk
Əsgər Paşa link={{{2}}} Rzagorod Vizier Turk

Foreign relations

Recognised; no relations

Full diplomatic relations

Administrative divisions

The Empire consisted of two types of administrative divisions, Beyliks/Emirates and Imperial Cities. An Imperial City is under complete control of the central government, while the Beyliks/Emirates would have near absolute control over their own laws, military, etc.

Flag Name Population Leader Representative
Imperial City
Şah Deniz Han
Beyliks & Emirates
Flag of Adjistan (2015).png
Mohammed Boky
Shady Morsi
Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 12.56.04 PM.png
Eren Paşa
Tanju Çakar
Hasan Çakar
Kaab Paşa
Flag of Rzagorod.png
Əsgər Paşa