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Coat of Arms

Motto: "Ex Obscurum, Lux"
"From Darkness, Light"

South Derbyshire, England

Founded4 December 2020
(4 in residence)
GovernmentFeudal Viceroyalty

The March of Austerderventio, or simply Austerderventio, is a micronation and the legal successor of the Principality of Monovia. The March was brought into existence on the 4th of December 2020, when the former Prince of Monovia, the current Marquis, founded it to serve as the legitimate inheritor of Monovish culture and heritage. The March constitutes of the remaining vestigial territories claimed by the Principality of Monovia at the time of its conclusion, which as of 2020 constituted a single suburban home in rural South Derbyshire with a registered population of four permanent residents in addition to the Marquis himself. While the March claims the sole legacy of the former Principality, it does not claim any de jure sovereignty over any of Monovia's past claims, including those such as Acrest which the Marquis himself has not relinquished. In spite of this, the March can still be seen as the de facto successor to Monovia given that it constitutes the only territory that still retained any semblance of Monovish control.


"Austerderventio" is a reference to the Roman settlement of Derventio Coritanorum, which was located near to the site of the March. The term itself is believed to derive from the Brittonic Deruentiū, meaning of "(belonging to) the forest of oak trees", and the name of the River Derwent which flows close to the territory of the March, the name of which is attached the prefix of "Auster", denoting south - in this context the name can literally be interpreted as "South (of) Derventio" (or indeed south of the Derwent). The term March refers to the outpost status of the territory, which is over 100 miles north of the current court of the Marquis and his consort in Corinium Terentium.