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His Grace
Marquis Harry
Marquis of Austerderventio
Reign 04 December 2020 - Present
Prince of Monovia
Reign 31 May 2011 - 04 December 2020
Successor Title Abolished
King of Domanglia
Reign 09 October - 18 October 2012
Predecessor King Dominic
Successor Prince Vladimir I
Consort Andrew Creed
House Mac Giolla Phádraig
Born 4 of October 1999 (Age 21)
Chesterfield Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Religion Paganism

Sir Harry Mac Giolla Phádraig, Marquis of Austerderventio, also known by his micronational title of Prince Harry I or by his former Austenasian title as HIH Harry Nobilissimus Caesar, is the former monarch of the Principality of Monovia and current sovereign of the remnants of that micronation, now collectively organized as the March of Austerderventio. The Marquis was also the brief King of Domanglia, reigning for a mere nine days before being deposed. During his de facto rule of Monovia from it's inception in May 2011 to it's formal dissolution in December 2020, the Marquis went by a variety of titles, ranging from Prince, King, Tsar and even President under several Republican constitutions, however it would be his original Princely title that he would remain most closely associated with. The Marquis would rule over Monovia de facto for it's entire existence, although due to the chronic instability of Monovish politics at certain points others would be appointed as Monarch (albeit exclusively serving as puppet rulers).

The Marquis would rise to prominence in early 2011, when, aged just 11, he united the various disparate groups, tribes and attempted micronations that had proliferated among his friendship group in a school in South Yorkshire into one single polity, with the name "Monovia" being suggested by one his lieutenants. The rule of the Marquis would be controversial from the start, however, and after a disputed election result a contingent of those involved in the initial foundation splintered off, founding what would become known as the Kaestrovian Rebellion. While the revolt would initially be suppressed, the view of the Marquis as a tyrant would not, and he would be faced with recurrent rebellion and strife for the rest of his time in South Yorkshire. The Marquis fared better on the diplomatic stage, establishing good relations with Domanglia, Lurk and others from May 2011 onwards. The Marquis would also be instrumental in the establishment of an Austenasian protectorate over Monovia in October 2011, a relationship that would come to define Monovish foreign policy for the rest of it's existence. The high point of his rule would come in 2012, when Monovia (which had then be ephemerally renamed Libertas) was featured in the local newspaper, with the Marquis soon after being invited onto a BBC Radio interview.

More controversially, the Marquis was one of the key figures involved in the restoration of MicroWikia, due to perceived elitism within the MicroWiki Community (a decision he now admits regretting). Ultimately, however, Monovia would falter due to the monumental effects of what has been termed the "Great Migration", during which many of the most prominent citizens (including the Marquis himself), relocated from the Monovish homeland in South Yorkshire to Derbyshire. While the Marquis originally envisioned a continuation of Monovish rule over these original heartlands, within months most former Monovish territory had collapsed into squabbling statelets, in many ways resembling the status quo that preceded the unification of Monovia. In spite of this the Marquis was able to rule over a much reduced rump from his new base in Derbyshire from late 2013 onwards, before gradually falling into inactivity in a period known as the "Monovish Dark Ages". The Prince would be honourably stripped of his title of Caesar in June 2016, with Austenasian recognition withdrawn entirely in December of that same year. The Marquis would later discover that during his long absence from the micronational scene, various other micronationalists had claimed sovereignty over Monovia, with many being under the impression this had been in agreement with the Marquis himself. In order to dissuade further rumours and false claims, the Marquis would issue a "Proclamation of Intent Regarding the Heritage and Legacy of the Principality of Monovia" on the 4th of December 2020, in which he established the March of Austerderventio as the legal successor to Monovia while also abdicating the throne and abolishing the title.