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Planing Posafian History

In late October of 2017 the idea was voiced around to start a nation in a group of friends who called themselves the Squamily. The idea became increasingly popular until early November the Squamily began to build a nation, mainly for fun. Although originally for fun it evolved over time into something greater.

The Squamily many had different ideas of what this nation should be, how it should be, and what does it stand for. Under a vote of the people, the decision was split between a presidential republic, and a monarchy, while one person abstained. With the mixed results a second vote led to the same results. Eventually, after talks, the decision was made to have an elective monarchy, with a House of Commons and a House of Lords. With those results, many of the friends agreed the nation would be a better version of the United States, a nation with reformed education, a nation open and accepting "social justice warriors" to radicals from both sides, and to close the right and left-wing divide.

While the legislative branch was going to be established many were confused about how it would be run. With a mix of YouTube videos about the British and Canadian parliaments with the United States Congress. The Squamily created a new bicameral system, under an elected ceremonial monarch. With the new government, the Speaker of the House or Prime Minister was called the Higher Lord, moving the spot from the lower house to the upper house. Although in the upper house the two parties with the most seats in the lower house were chosen to the upper house. With the government being established they selected a provisional government [ahead of the foundation] of two people from the Conservative Party, two from Posaf-Green (now Liberal) and one from the now-defunct New Liberals to preside. While the House of Lords had one from Conservative and one from Posaf-Green.

Many Squamily friends were happy about the planning of the events and the pace it was going at so it can be easily prepared. Only a Constitution was set to right, which was written by Nicholas Randouler, Nathan Michaeve, Regan Alifo, Rose Danen, Henry Rydina, Courtney Annalou, Henry Edwelo, Grant Roberave and Justin Donamana. Once finished nothing was left to do, except to declare independence.

Founders Day to Early History

On Founders Day or Independence Day, the Squamily members declared independence at approximately 8:03 PM EST on January 2nd, 2018. While only the provisional government was in charge they set dates for the election (January 12th) and they selected the acting Monarch, Henry Edwelo, know known as Prince Henry I, to be in charge. Along with declaring independence the nation sent e-mails to the United States to declare their independence and sending out more emails to the Aerican Empire, Molossia, Sealand, and Talossa. However they only got e-mails back from the Aerican Empire, and Molossia. Within the short four hours, they set up a website and the next day they spread the word at school after winter break ended.

With the new nation coming along and finding the presence of MicroWiki and its nations, Posaf set up two organizations. The United Micropact, and the far more successful, Micronational Olympic Federation with notable members such as Iustus, and Ladonia. Posaf was able to be seen as a stronger nation with creating such a base from the organizations and the members states in them. In the United Micropact, Posaf gained diplomatic ties with the nation of Andany and the Kingdom of Falcar which were both later dropped. The United Micropact is seen as a YAMO to other micronationalists, but later helped Posaf's diplomatic scene. Posaf will later leave the organization to focus on other projects and the GUM.

As the temporary government was moving well, the citizens decided for an election. They elected Nicholas Randouler and Nathan Michaeve, (Conservative) Delana Jeari-Rydina, and Henry Edwelo (Posaf Green) into the House of Commons, while the New Liberal Party folded into the Posaf-Green Party. Henry Rydina and Reagan Alfio were then put into the House of Lords, as the largest parties, with Henry Rydina becoming the Higher Lord by winning the majority of votes. In the election Posaf democratically elected Courtney Annalou into the Monarchical seat, thus having Princess Courtney I. Not to long into her term (3 days) she resigned due to issues with her partner and former Royal Courtney stating, "I cannot rule without him by my side, we just need someone stronger up in charge." Higher Lord, Henry Rydina then became the Monarch, and is still incumbent to this day, after seeking reelection in the January 2019 election. When former Royal Courtney resigned. Due to the hereditary line of succession, there was no one able to fill the position. This is why the Higher Lord became the Monarch. After Rydina became the Monarch of Posaf, he appointed David Hernandez, a liberal activist, to fill the remainder of his term. Hernandez was still publicly popular as he ran for one of the seats in the House of Commons but lost by one vote. With Hernandez as Higher Lord and Prince Henry II, Posaf grew expediently, opening foreign relations with some of our biggest allies, Iustus, Millania, Phyrria and Quietrock, passing laws and saw the expansion of more provinces such as Essex, Nievenorte and Neu Vaterlands. Hernandez also helped restore the nation after the February-March Floods, which affected all parts of the province of Squamily. Short into the term for Hernandez, he became badly ill and was told he had two weeks to a week to live. Although he is alive today as the doctors were wrong, he resigned his role giving to Maria Lynnae, the Monarchical House of Lord's representative.

During the Lynnae government, Posafian expansionism grew vastly reaching nations of Iraq, and Finland. As Lynnae as the Higher Lord, she helped form a coalition government in the House of Commons between the Conservatives and Posaf-Green's to create the Forward Moving Government that helped form new laws, and holidays. Although with a great cooperation on a federal level, in the states disrupt was prominent, which led to the New Reich Crisis in Neu Vaderlands State, and Squamily.

New Reich Crisis History

The New Reich Crisis was a separatist movement in the state of Neu Vaderlands (with a small protest in Squamily). The events unfolded was that; Adalard Schneider, a German native that moved to the United States and later became a Posafian citizen and founded the now-defunct Posafian Nationalists Party and the state of Neu Vaderlands. He later started a separatist movement and used his party for support. The separatist movements cause was to make an independent state that Adalard ruled. In the movement, the creation of the Posafian Courts was made and was led by the Higher and Lower Lord as the judges, as the government viewed that a court would now be necessary. In the three-days, many disputes were held in the Posafian Discord server between various people, with most in support of staying as Posaf and some neutrals. After negotiations of trying to help Schneider find new land to start a new micronation, he would refuse and want to take the Posafian land. After a day worth of a court trial Schneider was convicted of treason and banned from Posaf for 90 days, the government also revoked his citizenship ending the Crisis. As of September 3rd 2018, the nation has become defunct, four months into the creation of the nation.

Modern History

After the New Reich Crisis, some say that Posaf slowed down inactivity, although it did during and after election times to a very high amount. Posaf elected a Conservative minority Parliament which was officially the first Parliament and had Andy Irons as the first Conservative Party Higher Lord. Also, the representation was shown from the New Democrats Party made by Austin Jaax. During this time the government was seen as active opening relations with larger nations such as Aariania and the Kingdom of Jupiter as well as the Ministry of Culture and Sports helping open a gaming team for the Micronational Olympic Federation and the Virtual Posaf Football League.

Along with an active government during the time there was a dubbed " Fever" that lasted for around five days when many of the citizens who are present online played the game as teams for some time, often reaching the top of the leader board. After a time the activity died down and the presence is still alive today with some citizens still active and new citizens joining. The Posafian National Discord Server has since died down significantly in 2019, attempts have been made to restore this and find a new era of "Friends" to join the nation.