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Micronational Olympic Federation
Formation 7 January, 2018 (1 year ago)
Type Sports Federation
Membership 15
Official language English, and the host micronation's language when necessary
President Posafgov.png Nicholas Randouler
Vice Presidents FLAGMNG.png Nicolás Millán
Flag of Iustus.svg Austin Jaax
Flag of New Eiffel.svg Zarel Smith
Website MOF Website

The Micronational Olympic Federation is an intermicronational organization dedicated to creating, hosting, and scheduling micronational sporting and Esporting events, and the Micronational Olympics. The MOF currently hosts the Micronational Olympic Games every two years with the 2020 Micronatonal Olympic eGames annually.

Posaf founded the Micronational Olympic Federation on 7 January 2018 after noticing the inactivity of the Micronational Olympic Committee founded by Molossia back in 2000. The goal of the MOF (since the founding) was to have peace, and unity throughout the micronational community with competitive games to celebrate with, along with general celebration for the Micronational community through games.

As of July 27th, 2019 the MOF has 15 active members.


Founding to Millania 2019








Micronational Olympic Games

  • Iustus 2020

Micronational Olympic Esports

  • MOF 2018
  • Millania 2019
  • Gymnasium State 2020
  • Posaf 2021

Sanctioned MOF Events

  • Posaf 2019 Checkers Tournament
  • 2020 Checkers Tournament

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Name In office
Posafgov.png Nicholas Randouler January 7, 2018 - August 22, 2018
Flag ladonia.png Matthew Salzer August 23, 2018 – Present

MOF Commissions

Commission Head Commissioner Micronation
2020 Commission Adam Pivetz Gymnasium flag standartized.png Gymnasium
Advertisement Commission Tomáš Falešník Gymnasium flag standartized.png Gymnasium
Culture Commission Sierra Babado Flag of Iustus 2.png Iustus
Cy-lete Commission Nicolas Millan FLAGMNG.png Millania
Event Commission Nicholas Randouler Posafgov.png POSAF
Finance Commission Jay Ruz Wennew1.png Wenonah
Fraud Commission Isaac E. Later NPNG.png Slavistonia
Title Commission Gracie Konn Posafgov.png POSAF

Roles and Responsiblities

  • Both executive members and commissioners maybe appointed or voted into office. No one person may hold more then one executive position or more then one commissioner position.

Executive Council


Executive Vice President

Vice President of Physical Games

Vice President of Special Games

Commission Council

Yearly Commissioner

Culture Commissioner

Cy-lete Commissioner

Event Commissioner

Finance Commissioner

Responsible for developing a balanced budget, creating scholarship opportunities for potential Micronational Olympic athletes and teams, and developing fundraising ideas.

Fraud Commissioner

Title Commissioner

General Assembly

Individual National Delegates

MOF Charters

Any micronation can become a member of the MOF, but competing in the games is different. Every nation must ratify the MOF Charter (listed below) and follow the charter during the games. So far no nation has broke the charter while competing. If a micronation does break the Charter they will be disqualified from the event and have all their medals revoked.

  • Must not be at war with another micronation
  • Must not be associated with fascist, racist, sexist, or militant organization
  • Must have a permanent population
    • Plush Dolls are not considered to be apart of the nations population
  • Must have a defined territory
  • Not allowed to have non-human participants compete during the games

The Charter is expected to change over time with more rules to come. If it does change every micronation must adhere to the new charter. The charter will not change during any MOF games.

MOF Host Nation and Membership Bylaws

1) Nations may not host the same event consecutively. Examples: A nation may not host the eSports Games, Micronational Olympics or a world championship two years in a row. Another example is that a nation may not host the Micronational Olympic Games consecutively, such as 2020 and 2022.

  • A waiver maybe granted for a micronation to host an event twice consecutively at the discretion of the MOF leadership.

2) All member nations must have a National Olympic Committee or an equivalent.

  • Both the bylaws and the charter are going to be incorporated into a constitution in the future.

3) Host micronations may host events outside of the territory of the host micronation as long as at least one event is hosted within the territory of the micronation.

4) Judging and subsequent awarding of the host micronation is subjective but the host must be able to host the events either within their territory or at a nearby venue.

  • Preference will be given to micronations that are near other micronations or micronations with territory near a group of micronations. Further preference will be given to micronations that can host the Olympic village within their territory.

5) A host nation may choose to bid specifically for an enclave territory and not for their main territory.

6) Bylaws 3, 4 and 5 only apply to hosts of the Micronational Olympic Games and other competitions that will take place in person.

7) Non-MOF member micronations are allowed to participate in the Micronational Olympic Games and the competition is considered their joining the MOF.

MOF new logo and flag

MOF Micronational Olympic Games

The MOF Micronational Olympic Games are the Physical (In real life) games of the Micronational Olympic Federation. The Games are currently planned to include Running, Cycling, Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, Wrestling, and chess. Medals will also be given out to the athletes that have attended and won 1st 2nd or 3rd in any of the games.

The MOF acquired the Micronational Olympic Games after the Micronational Olympic Group merged with the Micronational Olympic Federation in July. The next Micronational Olympic Games is scheduled in 2020.

2020 Micronational Olympic Games

The 2020 Micronational Olympic Games will take place in Iustus sometime during the summer of 2020. This future event will be the first of Micronational Olympic Games hosted by the MOF.

MOF eSports Games

2018 MOF Games

The 2018 MOF Games (MOF-PG) is an 9 day event to see if the MOF is fully functional. The games allowed six nations to compete so it the games can test their boundries. The 2018 MOF Games will award a minimum of 18 medals through out three events and three National Titels. The events will include Party, Checkers, and Tic Tac Toe. Checkers and Tic Tac Toe will be played on a Google Drawling shared with the competitors, and the Party will be played on The National Titles include Best Coat of Arms, Best Flag, and Best Motto. These will be given out by annonomys polls by the MOF

The 2018 MOF Games was known as the Prep Games because it was made to attract audience and to see if the MOF is fully functinal. The MOF got six nations to compete in the games in 4 days. The games started to kick-off from there and more games were made for the games.

2019 MOF Games

The 2019 MOF Games was hosted by Millania and was noted for being poorly coordinated and marred by a controversy over the tie breaker rules.

2020 eSport Games

The 2020 MOF Games will be hosted by Gymnasium State.


The 2021 MOF Games will be hosted by Posaf

Future Plans

The MOF plans on hosting micronational world championships for individual esports/sports along with other multi-event tournaments.

The first example of these standalone events was the 2019 MOF Checkers Tournament.

List of Micronations in the MOF

Nation Year Joined MOF Code
Posaf 2018 PSF
FLAGMNG.png Millania 2018 MGN
Befshireflag2.svg Befshire 2018 BEF
Phyrriaflag.png Phyrria 2018 PHY
Quietrockflag.png Quietrock 2018 QUI
Iustus flag.png Iustus 2018 IUS
Flag of Neo Ongwanada.png Neo Ongwanada 2018 NOG
Flag of the Gymnasium State.svg Gymnasium State 2018 SGY
Flag ladonia.png Ladonia 2018 RRL
New Austrovia Flag.png Austrovia 2018 AUS
Flag of Konraq.png Konraq 2018 KON
FlagOfAbrelandOfficial.jpeg Arbreland 2018 OKA
Wennew1.png Wenonah 2018 WEN
Dukenewflag.png Duke 2018 DKE
Damazia Flag.png Damazia 2019 DMI
Pflag6.png Phokland 2019 PHK
GOjp91F.png Gulf 2019 GLF
Flag of New Eiffel.svg New Eiffel 2019 NEI
AendereseFlag.png Aenderese Republic 2019 AEN
FlagUNO.png Nova-Occitania 2019 OCC
PlushuniaFlag2.png Plushunia 2019 PLU
Wegmat battle flag.jpeg Wegmat 2019
Flag of Matthewopia.png Matthewopia 2019
Flag of Klitzibürg.png Klitzibürg 2019
PRPH flag.svg Ponderosa Hills 2019