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Logan Ross, Emperor of Aenopia

Logan I.jpg

AAA! This is the cough cough... Hell hole user page of Logan Ross, Emperor of the Empire of Aenopia and overall based machine. If you trade me baby hands, I shall tell you a cool bug fact!

And yet you're still here... Y'know, I thought that people would leave once they see this page, sort of like girls do when I talk to them.

Logan I.jpg This user will never Give you up

Logan I.jpg This user will never Let you down
Logan I.jpg This user will never Turn around and desert you
Neil Peart.jpeg This user worships the God-like deity known as Neil Peart
Godsicon.jpeg Tremble! You thought this was the WikiGod userbox but it wasn't, you just fooled yourself instead.

Gnomeit.jpg This user is gnot a gnelf but is in fact a WikiGnome.

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Editathon.jpeg This user participated in the Twenty-four Hour MicroWiki Edit-a-thon on 17 April 2020 .
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ZarelJune2019.jpeg This user wishes to thank Zed and Wegmat for making the userboxes they stole.

ZarelJune2019.jpeg This user uses the signature wiggly lines to sign comments instead of constantly typing out Aenopia (talk) 12:05, 4 May 2020 (UTC).

WOW This user is number 48 on the List of users by edit count but will probably go up the ranks faster once I can be bothered

Flag of Wales (1959–present).svg Mae'r defnyddiwr hwn wedi ceisio dysgu Cymraeg ond dim ond fel 2 air y mae'n gwybod.

Flag of Wales (1959–present).svg Mae'r defnyddiwr hwn yn defnyddio google translate ar gyfer Cymraeg.

Christana222.png This is not a Userbox show me your feet.

About Me

I'm a human. I think.

Contacts and stuff

Discord: Aenöpia#7843 Microwiki: User:Aenopia LastFM: Aenopia TOESwiki: User:Aenopia


Here you can ask questions about me and probably get a response or something idk.

Q: Logan, what's the secret behind your good-lookingness?

ANSWER: A magician never reveals his secrets... It's natural btw.

Q: Is it true that you went back in time to invent the word "lad" from Logan-Chad to serve as the step up from chad for your superior status?


Q: Have you heard of Raid: Shadow Legends?

Of course I have, it is an immersive online experience with everything you'd expect from a brand new RPG title. It's got an amazing storyline, awesome 3D graphics, giant boss fights, PVP battles, and hundreds of never before seen champions to collect and customize.

I never expected to get this level of performance out of a mobile game. Look how crazy the level of detail is on these champions!

RAID: Shadow Legends™️ is getting big real fast, so you should definitely get in early. Starting now will give you a huge head start. There's also an upcoming Special Launch Tournament with crazy prizes! And not to mention, this game is absolutely free!

So go ahead and check out the video description to find out more about RAID: Shadow Legends™️. There, you will find a link to the store page and a special code to unlock all sorts of goodies. Using the special code, you can get 50,000 Silver immediately, and a FREE Epic Level Champion as part of the new players program, courtesy of course of the RAID: Shadow Legends™️ devs.

Q:Weednose or Bruhnose

Bruhnose - sounds cooler.