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Total population
~150-200, other estimates make the population 700, and upwards to 1,000 including those sold into slavery
Regions with significant populations
New Rogaland 100-150
Other departments Unknown (c. 500)

English (primary), Juclando-Hasani, Turkish, Bulgarian, Albanian



Turco-Juclandians, also known as Legomens or Grovars, are a mainly Turkic people, and an unrecognized minority group in Nedland, none of which possess citizenship. If they were counted in the census, they would make around a 75% majority of Palazu. A smaller community is known to exist in Kustulvudupád. Turco-Juclandians are mainly Lego figurines, but some are also stuffed animals, finger puppets, action figures and plush toys.


Early migrations

At the beginning of the 21st century, many stuffed animals, the majority being Turkic, Slavic, and Romanian in origin, migrated from East Asia, Mexico, and Eastern Europe in search of a better life after being mass-produced at factories. All used packaging as transport, and the vast majority are expected to have traveled by boat to the United States, along with billions of their counterparts. Around three dozen are expected to have arrived in what is now Nedland, mainly employed in menial labor jobs, such as child daycare and bin-loitering. Racially, these first immigrants were stuffed animals and Fisher-Price Little People.

Lego Muhacir

From 2005 to 2007, an incident known as the Lego Muhacir several dozen more immigrants to the Greiner household, mainly being Turks and Pomaks, emigrated to the United States from persecution in poor ethnic factories in Hungary and the Czech Republic to Toys R' Us and Target locations. Soon, some were bought by the Greiner family. A large Turco-Martian community from the Mars Mission sets formed, particularly in the house's bedroom. It was reported that some Storm Troopers, race car employees and others emigrated as well.

Recent years

Since the foundation of Nedland, though Turco-Juclandians have campaigned for recognition from the government, they have not received this on the basis of being non-sentient. In 2016, widespread protests occurred in the Juclandian Quarter of Palazu, but this was to no avail. Turco-Juclandians remain an oppressed class of people in Nedland.

Notable Turco-Juclandians